Editorial: Endorsing our favorite Unofficial drinks

It is traditional for editorial boards to endorse presidential candidates and the like, but in the current political climate, we decided to try something else. Below you’ll find The Daily Illini’s Official Unofficial Drink Endorsements. Like an election, it’s important to select different candidates for every position — something about checks and balances — so, for your convenience, we categorized our endorsements into six separate cabinet members. Cheers!

6 a.m.  Mimosas

The alarm goes off and you’re up at the crack of dawn — you begin to question whether or not this is all going to be worth it. Put those pessimistic thoughts away, and take out the champagne and orange juice you stored in anticipation of this day.  Mimosas are perfect for the morning. Sweet, alcoholic and full of vitamin C — the ideal start to any successful Unofficial.

8 a.m. Coffee and Bailey’s

Once the mimosas begin to wear off and you’re thinking, “Yikes, it’s only 8 a.m., and I could probably sleep for two days,” it’s time to add some caffeine to your system. You need to rally because the day has only just begun. Luckily, coffee pairs great with Bailey’s so you can get your caffeine kick and your party on at the same time.

10 a.m Bloody Mary’s

Ah, 10 a.m., time to add a little substance to your imbibing. This is the perfect time to take a little snack break and create a Bloody Mary that incorporates olives, pickles, celery or any other food that may go well with the spicy drink. While you’re snacking and sipping, remember that pairing food with your drinks is a great way to last longer — even all night if necessary!

1 p.m. Beer of choice

There’s nothing better than a nice cold beer in the middle of the afternoon, especially on a day where you can’t feel guilty about drinking because 1) it is a Friday and 2) most of the campus is joining you in this marathon of drinking. Beer is a refreshing mid-day drink: You could go all out and get a dark Irish beer, or save some pennies and opt for a cheaper option (which is OK, because at this point, you’ll probably need some hydration). And perhaps the best benefit of drinking beer with your Unofficial lunch: It sets you up perfectly for the quintessential afternoon nap that’ll re-energize you for nighttime activities.

4 p.m. Moscow Mule

To celebrate in full-fledged fashion, you will need to consume a green drink at some point in the day. However, the Daily Illini Editorial Board could not agree on a green drink that was particularly appetizing to any of us. So we settled. Moscow Mules are delicious, and as a bonus they have limes and mint leaves incorporated (which are both green, so we’re counting it). For the particularly passionate Irish folk, try replacing that mint leaf with a dirty four-leaf clover plucked from frat park. It’ll taste awful, but everyone will admire your dedication!

10 p.m. Jägerbomb

Finish the day strong with a jägerbomb. That almost rhymed, so it might be good to chant to your friends who claim they’re done drinking for the day. No Unofficial is complete without at least one shot of hard alcohol, even if you sneak it in there right as the day is winding down. Take your shot with pride and happiness, and be proud that you survived yet another Unofficial.