Letter to the Editor: Why you should vote for Emily Tuttle for Student Trustee


By Laura Saldivar and Alex Villanueva

Being an Illini is more than wearing our favorite colors orange and blue. It is a sense of engagement, pride and excellence in building a strong foundation for the future.

Emily Tuttle, junior in management and political science, is the experienced Student Trustee candidate we want and deserve. Her proven track record speaks for itself.

As two former Illinois Student Body Vice Presidents, we wholeheartedly endorse Emily Tuttle and believe she is the most qualified candidate for the position.

Engagement: Very few students can say they have been engaged with campus, administration and even Springfield as much as Emily. Whether it is President Killeen, a slew of state Senators or even Governor Rauner’s team, Emily has discussed the issues that matter the most to students. She’s gone to Springfield as a citizen, as a student and as an activist. As President of the Student Advocacy Coalition, she’s proven her drive to fight for us, for a budget and for a stronger University of Illinois.

Pride: Emily has been donning orange and blue long before either of us. Her pride is hereditary, but don’t let that fool you — every bit of her is an Illini. Her biggest bragging right is being a member of the Marching Illini, an ambassador of sorts both for Illinois and our time-honored traditions. We hope that after the election, her new highest honor will be representing all of us on the board.

Excellence: Emily is kind, bright and driven. She did not seek to run; she was encouraged to run by students from various backgrounds, ideologies, passions and concerns. Emily’s excellence in all she does made her the right candidate from the start.

When you reflect on your time at Illinois, you will realize you made a difference by electing Emily Tuttle for Student Trustee. She is the student leader we need to represent our collective interests on campus and in Springfield. Remember to vote April 26-27 at vote.illinois.edu

Laura Saldivar (Student Body Vice President, spring 2016)

[email protected]

Alex Villanueva (Student Body Vice President, 2016-2017)

[email protected]