Remember basic bus etiquette when riding


The University of Illinois is fortunate enough to have a vastly diverse group of students enrolled. While many demographic breakdowns are focused on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion, the population here can be much more easily broken down into four, broad groups: the pedestrians, cyclists, car drivers and, last but not least, the bus riders.

Though it is possible to find yourself using all of these forms of transportation on any given day, most of us have one preferred mode of transit.

Thanks to the required transportation fee, the CUMTD bus services are available to all University students. The buses are a vital asset for many students living off campus.

However, with so many students looking to take the bus to and from their desired destinations, the buses are often crowded. So many people together in one space can sometimes make for an uncomfortable ride to class, especially if everyone is not being mindful of others on the bus.

After one-too-many cramped, sweaty rides on CUMTD buses this year and last, it seems the time is right for a bit of bus etiquette education.

Most of these rules are pretty simple, and remembering to follow them can make the ride much more enjoyable, and better smelling, for everyone.

Please don’t yell on the bus or be obnoxiously loud.

Champaign-Urbana nightlife is known nationwide. No matter what night of the week it is, students can be found partying on campus. Going out is great, but please remember to be respectful on the bus when you are intoxicated. Even if you aren’t intoxicated, there is really no reason to speak above a indoor-level speaking volume. Mixing large groups of loud, drunk students en route to KAM’s with sober students heading to the library always makes for a tangibly uncomfortable ride.  Additionally, the CUMTD website states that loud or vulgar language is prohibited while riding the bus.

Keep others on the bus in mind, and stay as hygienic as possible.

There are few things worse than stagnant air polluted by rancid, college body odor. In the winter, with the bus windows sealed shut, and heat on blast, deodorant is vital. Even if you can’t smell yourself, please assume everyone else can. Shower regularly, wear deodorant or antiperspirant and maybe add a spritz of cologne or perfume — but just a spritz. Dousing yourself in Axe is not a solution; it is a problem. Keep yourself fresh, but not too fresh. Your bus mates will thank you.

Take off your backpack.

Wearing your backpack while sitting or standing on the bus (obviously) takes up extra space. Taking off your backpack will free up a good deal of personal space for you and those around you.

Riding the 1N Yellow from the Ikenberry Commons before class is almost always a freshmen-packed nightmare. Make cramped bus rides a thing of the past and do your part by simply placing your backpack at your feet or under your seat.

Don’t be rude to fellow bus riders or the bus drivers.

On CUMTD’s website, the first rule of riding is to “be courteous and kind.” Many people are unfamiliar with public transit. If you see someone having difficulty or experiencing CUMTD confusion, lend a hand. The buses are a shared commodity, partially funded by University students. Let’s take advantage of this wonderful mode of transportation, but make sure others can enjoy it as well.