Take advantage of University’s library system

By Collin Carmichael, Columnist

As finals season approaches, it’s important to look at some of the resources we have available on campus. We’re blessed to have the second largest library system owned by a University right here on campus.

With over 29 divisions, you can find branches of this system all around campus, from Grainger, to the UGL, to even the library in the Veterinary Medicine building, all of which are open to students here. These are an invaluable resource people should take advantage of, even when reading day is still a ways to go.

A good use of these libraries is as a place for work or study; they are quiet, and generally sheltered from the elements. Some libraries also allow you to reserve rooms or workstations outside of the many communal tables and chairs they have.

While many people are aware and take advantage of the numerous studying places in libraries around campus, I bet less people are aware of some of the other resources they can provide them with. The most obvious of these is that, like any other library, these places can lend out books. With over 14 million items in our University Library system’s collection, many people would be hard pressed to run out of options in the catalog.

However, if you are searching for a book, you are not limited merely by the size of our library’s collection in your search. Through the Illinois Interlibrary Loan network, you can get your hands on almost any book in almost every library at the University that hasn’t been checked out for several weeks, adding to your ability to rent out most books.

The list of items you can receive from the library are not limited to books, magazines and movies, however, as the library has many different mediums of information. You can even check out devices — something not many students here know about.

You can get everything from cameras to cables, to laptops. In many cases, loanable technology can come with software as well; there are some computers with advanced video editing software you can reserve for use in the UGL, as well as some soundproof recording booths.

What’s surprising is the fact the University Library loans out gaming consoles and games — of course, in limited quantities. These consoles are another reminder that the Library can provide many resources to students, although in this case, the item loaned isn’t for studying; rather for recreational use.

The library system is a great resource you should take advantage of if you can. Whether for studying, or just to try and check out a gaming console, people should use the resources available to them around campus.

Collin is a sophomore in DGS.

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