Letter to the Editor | State Farm Center needs upgrades

By Margaret Shannon

I came from out of town a month ago to celebrate my Alma Mater’s men’s basketball team’s successes this year. As I excitedly arrived at the venue, I was met with security telling me my 9 x 9 ½ x 2 inch purse was too big to enter. I had make a choice: Lose half the game and more than $40 in Uber expenses to bring my purse back to the hotel or ditch my purse and its contents. I chose the latter.

Who usually carries a purse? Is the answer to this question the same group of people most likely to commit the crimes this security measure is seeking to prevent? Are you really reducing your risk, given that there are metal detectors and security personnel with flashlights to inspect purses and small bags? Unfortunately, in the face of this ineffective policy, there was no accommodation made to check an unwelcome purse.

Furthermore, the seats were surprisingly uncomfortable. My feet could not touch the ground, even though I am nearly 5-feet-6-inches. This is problematic for one’s back, especially as alumni age.

Please try to accommodate your entire audience. A lot of money and enthusiastic fandom comes from the very people your facility unnecessarily challenges.

Margaret is an alumna of the class of ’86.

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