Letter to the Editor | COVID-19 restrictions engender mental health problems


By Yolanda O'Connor

Are we doing more harm by trying to mitigate the harmful physical effects of COVID-19 and not properly addressing the mental issues that have developed because of it? It is an understatement to say that COVID-19 mental health issues are tightly knitting themselves within the fabric of our society. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our nation.

The University is indeed doing well with its innovative testing and contact tracing. However, we need more trained mental workers on campus. With a country that is drowning in losses, we need more money to be allotted to help students to deal with this new reality. Coronavirus cases have risen yet appointments have become scarce at the local campus health facility. Even in the local community there is an overload of need for these services.

Students are seeking mental healthcare from sources outside of the campus because the need is great and still having to wait months. These appointments are usually for those that seek help. There are countless others who for various reasons are not seeking help. I am reaching out as a voice for them.

With the numbers rising, now is the time to continue to set ourselves above the rest. We have done this with our innovative COVID-19 testing, now the University must take the next step and provide more mental healthcare for our students. The hours need to be extended in the counseling center and phone lines should be added to help the students who are less likely to come into the healthcare facility. The University of Illinois is a great place stoked in tradition now let’s take care of the students that are carrying on the tradition by providing more mental healthcare to mitigate the mental damage from COVID-19.


Yolanda is a student in social work.

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