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Students taking notes during a lecture for a Statistics class on Dec. 3, 2019. Columnist Axel Almanza provides suggestions when it comes to future student success.

By Axel Almanza, Columnist

With a new semester approaching, students are now more adjusted to their schedules with the return of in-person events and classes. With graduation closer to the horizon for everyone, as well, we should start to think about where our future lies ahead. With several options to choose from, the future is wide open:

Summer Courses

According to Geneva College, a student should take a summer course because they will get core classes out of the way, catch up on credits, get into higher demand classes easily and graduate early. The benefits are endless for a student choosing to advance their educational career early. Summer courses help one maintain their education throughout an otherwise unoccupied moment — amid a time when one typically loses focus and energy to be in a classroom setting. 


If you are interested in exploring how a professional setting works and networking with others in the career path you want, then an internship is the thing for you. By applying for an internship, you develop a sense of what you want to do for a job after graduating. It’s like dipping your toe in the water, you don’t get in there entirely, rather partially. Additionally, occasionally after completing an internship, they may offer you a full-time position if your work is excellent. 

Graduate School

Plenty of people are now going to or considering grad school more than ever. This is due to bachelor’s degrees no longer holding tremendous weight outside of school or yearning to further their education. Considering grad school is elaborate and requires immense discipline due to the submissions of transcripts and sometimes portfolios.

For myself, I’m a sophomore hoping to graduate next year and recently I have been exploring MFA programs for screenwriting. I can already feel the firey burn-out just by looking into the application because of the rigorous work they require for submissions and consideration.

No matter how you enhance your education and future, choose whatever helps your career path and moves you forward. We all care about what others want us to do, but you make the decisions on what serves you best. Parents, siblings or peers may guide you through various career choices and are useful when formulating your future. However, research what actions you need to take for you to pave the path you wish.

Axel is a sophomore in LAS.

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