Letter to the Editor | Latest UI budget benefits student wellbeing


Sidney Malone

Tyeese Braslavsky believes that the latest UI budget can aid in student wellbeing when it comes to additional mental health resources and smaller classroom sizes.

By Tyeese Braslavsky

Contrary to widely held belief, accessibility in higher education does not end with admission. Students on campus have a wide range of academic, financial, social and emotional needs, each of which plays a role in their success in obtaining a degree. Thankfully, the University of Illinois System’s latest legislative appropriations request reflects this and demonstrates a commitment to supporting students of all backgrounds, from freshman convocation to commencement.

Some students may not thrive in large classroom settings and need extra attention, something the faculty recruitment allocation in this budget request mitigates. By attracting more faculty members, the University can decrease class sizes and give students greater individualized academic support.

This budget ask also allocates funds to bridge programs that help students adjust to the academic rigor of college and living on their own for the first time.

Other students face financial difficulties and must work extensively to make ends meet. Thankfully, this budget request increases funding for scholarships, ensuring that students can focus on pursuing their education without worrying about the cost leaving them unable to cover basic needs.

And finally, this budget request invests in campus mental health services. College, difficult as is, becomes even harder in combination with family troubles, discrimination and other factors. Students struggling emotionally struggle academically, and it is important they have spaces to address these concerns, something that campus mental health services provide.

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    This budget request does volumes to help students with a variety of needs succeed at the University and ensures that higher education is accessible to all, regardless of their background. And I encourage you to support the University in this endeavor and contact your state legislators to ask them to vote in favor of this budget ask to help us elevate the state of Illinois to new, extraordinary heights.


    Tyeese is a senior in LAS.

    [email protected]