Letter to the Editor | Stop Line 3 for greener, fairer future


By Stop Line 3 CU

We, the students at the University, are writing to express concerns about the Line 3 pipeline. This tarsands pipeline was recently finished, pumping millions of gallons of oil underneath over 200 bodies of water – including the Mississippi River and Lake Superior. Though this project is seemingly distant, Champaign-Urbana is not immune to the effects of Line 3. The pollution from oil spills, which have already occurred, will flow downstream to us. The precedent that Line 3 sets by directly violating Indigenous land rights and sovereignty is especially egregious because we are a land-grant university, and ties with Indigenous peoples run deep.

As the primary news outlet for the student audience, we believe The Daily Illini is responsible for drawing more attention to Line 3. Furthermore, the C-U community is responsible for honoring Indigenous peoples and respecting their traditional lands. Here’s what you can do today: If you bank with CitiBank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America or JP Morgan/Chase – the top funders of Line 3 – you can personally divest, and instead invest in local credit unions. You can also sign this petition demanding President Joe Biden to stop Line 3.

Lastly, you can talk with your friends and family. Stopping Line 3 relies on the power of all of us. Stay informed on Stop Line 3 and other Indigenous-led movements on Honor the Earth’s social media accounts and website. You can also join the Stop Line 3 CU group (@stopline3cu) to get involved locally.

Though the pipeline is operational, there’s still hope for environmental and social progress. Together we can reckon with the fact that our University sits on stolen land and ensure that this pattern of oppression does not continue. We can create a brighter, more equitable, greener future together.

Stop Line 3 CU is a local activist organization.

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