Letter: Deceptive ‘deception’

Accusations have been made that the Urbana mayor was “deceptive” by having architects present a plan for the library addition to fit within the council approved budget for the construction costs. This would have reduced the new wing by a few feet on the west end of the construction.

Imagine my surprise to see Laurel Prussing’s campaign literature showing the addition being “chopped off” almost in its entirety! Is it “deceptive” to circulate such a picture within a week of the election? Does it intend to mislead voters about the mayor’s actions? My answer is “yes” to both questions.

The library addition has been built. With the council’s decision to add more city funds to the project, and with additional efforts by the Library Foundation Board to help cover the costs, it was built according to original plans. With the excessive attention by the Prussing campaign on the library issue, it appears they can find little else to criticize.

Regardless of who wins the mayor’s race on February 22, there will be a substantial turnover in leadership with several new council members coming on board. It will take some time for them to learn the ropes and to move the city forward with all the new development under way under the leadership of our current mayor. With all the new faces on the council, the experience of the current mayor will be very valuable.

I hope the voters will look past the heated campaign rhetoric to see the full picture. Urbana’s future depends upon it.