The “finals” countdown

By Daily Illini Editorial Board

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely doing so in between nervous breakdowns and study sessions. Yes, unfortunately finals season is upon us, and with it comes copious amounts of stress.

We’ve all felt it — the psychological torment and seemingly physical pain associated with studying for tests worth 50 percent of our grades or taking multiple exams during a 48-hour time span. 

To put it gently, finals can be overwhelming. They can make you feel like you’re drowning in stress, tears and energy drinks. They can trick you into thinking scores will single-handedly determine your entire future. They can shake your self-confidence and inspire self-doubt.

But fear not, our fellow students! We believe in you, and we know you can do it. 

You’ve conquered much worse than these few measly little tests. 

Remember middle school? You survived those hellish years, and you’ve got the brace-faced pictures to prove it. Bouts of acne, baby fat that stayed with you 13 years too long and an overall ambiance of awkwardness were much worse than this.

What about the SATs and ACTs? You took those during a time of your life filled with tremendous teen angst and did well enough on them to get to a university of this caliber — not an easy feat. 

And don’t forget that family reunion you attended last summer where your parents made you spend time with your weird cousin who doesn’t shower — that one who clearly disregards the fact that you two are related and probably asked you to prom at some point. You endured it like a champ. 

Compared to these atrocities, final exams are child’s play. 

Additionally, you’re not alone in your suffering. Everyone else on campus is right there with you, just as stressed and sleep deprived as you are. And let’s face it, there are plenty of students who probably have it worse than you do. Take comfort in this.

In fact, take a trip to one of the campus libraries and make a wholehearted effort to search for the student who is in a deeper state of finals week misery than you — the one who has clearly been sitting at her desk for 15-plus hours in a zombified state, surrounded by seven empty Espresso Royale cups. This is sure to make you feel better.  

But the main reason we know you can persevere through your finals is because you’ve done it before, be it during one previous semester or seven. 

In the end, everything will probably be okay, regardless of how well you do on your finals. The week will pass, and we’ll again know happiness and relaxation. Keep this in mind as you cram and remember that we believe in you.