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Editorial: Praising our uproarious musical scene

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Editorial: Praising our uproarious musical scene

By The Daily Illini Editorial Board

Our university is unique for a variety of reasons. Be it our amazing engineering and business programs, our large population of international students or our often-noticed night-life, everyone knows about Illinois for one reason or another.

And the amazingly unique music scene flooding along the outskirts of campus needs to be tacked onto that list. Just this past weekend, and continuing through this week, the Pygmalion festival was held at various locations in the Champaign-Urbana area in buildings on the University as well. The annual festival displays shows of literature, tech exhibits and alternative music that even includes exemplary local bands.

The fact that our school has such an up-and-coming music festival personal to our campus once a year, matched with the effervescent musical scene constantly milling about us is a fundamental piece to our unique atmosphere. It helps add a creative edge to the seriousness of preparing for post-graduate life, allowing students an outlet for expression no matter how they choose to participate.

Bands such as CHVRCHES, Purity Ring, Run the Jewels, The Lone Bellow, Magic Man, Real Estate, The Head and the Heart and GROUPLOVE have graced our University with performances in the past few years, alone. We have an amazing history of big names such as U2 and Elvis Presley jamming out in Assembly Hall. There is a strong culture of students forming bands, and whether they perform at Urbana house shows or Frattle of the Bands, it all culminates in a musical undercurrent driven by talent, curiosity and freedom. Not to mention the fact that these local bands, no matter how small, are following in the footsteps of REO Speedwagon and Elsinore, two bands that were formed at the University.

When we see festivals such as Pygmalion occurring at the University, it should be a signal to the loud and large musical population living in the area. We’re lucky to have this type of local community that makes engaging with new music simple. It increases knowledge and experience amongst our peers about modern music and about the many forms of expression. No matter how serious our studies are, the array of talent shows students that there are constant ways to work creativity into everyday, studious life.

Plus, there is the obvious advantage that students get to see amazing bands for cheaper prices right here at our campus home. We don’t have to worry, for the most part, about driving three hours to Chicago just to see a band we like — there are constant opportunities to have the same experience here.

Our musicality and musicality we see brought to campus is a reminder of our talent and it creates a culture that students can take advantage of and learn from.

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