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The Daily Illini Bingo: Quad Day Edition

The Daily Illini Editorial Board is nothing if not experienced (a nicer way of saying old and washed up). We’ve all been to Quad Day, most of us multiple times, so we’re well aware of the common sights and sounds you’ll find as you shove your way through the sweating students.

With that in mind, plus our pathological need to poke fun at our great fellow students on campus (and ourselves), we’ve created the first annual Quad Day Bingo board. From roving packs of sorority girls in sky blue shirts to nerdy journalists failing to convince you that our work still matters, we believe our board covers all of Quad Day’s finest attractions.

Please understand that we mean no disrespect toward any of the parties mentioned on our board — consider our little game just one more way for you to avoid terrifying social interactions with the juniors and seniors manning each booth.

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