Airplanes should offer free Wi-Fi

By Kaitlyn McCann, Columnist

Over Thanksgiving break, my family and I took a long awaited vacation. I couldn’t wait, but there was one thing still looming over: the research paper that was due two days into break. There wasn’t any time time to complete it before break started, so it seemed logical to finish it on the flight there.

The flight honestly was the only time I had to work on it since I’d be busy pretty much the rest of the trip. So, I got on the plane and reluctantly pulled my computer out. But quickly after, the panic set in when I realized all of my information, sources and the paper itself, was online, and I couldn’t work on it without Wi-Fi. I freaked out even more when I saw the plane didn’t even offer Wi-Fi passengers could pay for. It was irresponsible on my part, but I still think this situation should be avoidable.

Nowadays, you can go anywhere and have access to Wi-Fi, or at least an internet connection. Since many airlines offer Wi-Fi that customers can pay for, it is obviously possible to be connected to the internet while in the air. Not only should all planes have a Wi-Fi option available, but it should be free as well.

It seems like everyday, the world becomes more dependent on social media and the internet, so it’s  important to stay connected.

After paying hundreds of dollars for a plane ticket, basic amenities like food, drinks, internet and entertainment should be provided. And whether it’s a positive thing or not, in today’s world, internet has become a basic amenity. It is seen everywhere: hotels, restaurants and even stores advertise their free Wi-Fi because it truly alters a customer’s decision. The same thing goes for airlines — personally, I would happily choose an airline which offered Wi-Fi over one that doesn’t.

Being connected would allow access to work for businessmen and women and entertainment for nervous flyers. With today’s technology, even listening to music can be difficult without an internet source.

I can’t even think of a negative to having Wi-Fi access on planes, other than the fact airlines would have to pay for it. From the customer’s perspective, they would be able to check weather, hotel reservations, rides and more importantly, update loved ones. This would be especially helpful to people who have to travel for work. They would be able to get so much done in the many hours normally spent sitting anxiously. Even for the flight attendants, who are constantly in the air, it would be great to be able to be connected to their families.

Maybe I’m just annoyed I had to stay in the hotel room while I worked on my homework, but either way, I think having Wi-Fi on planes would be helpful to a lot of people. Airlines should consider this idea because it probably would increase business as well. It honestly doesn’t seem like much to ask for.

Kaitlyn is a freshman in Media.

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