New staff promises consistent presence


By Abby Paeth, Editor-in-Chief

I came to the University not just because I believed in the teachers, in the course work or in the journalism program, but specifically because I believed in The Daily Illini.

I remember looking at Megan Jones, former editor-in-chief, during info nights at the beginning of my freshman year. She seemed so much older, wiser and more experienced. At the time, I was scared and nervous to start working at The Daily Illini. I wanted so badly to make a good impression and to cover important topics.

I didn’t really know much about journalism when I started working here, but I was quickly taught everything I needed to be successful. I credit a lot of editors before me for taking me under their wings and for giving me the tools to be a good reporter. Once I started to move up in the company, I made it my mission to do the same for newer employees.

I’ve seen The Daily Illini go through some pretty dramatic changes. I saw the paper switch from printing four times a week to two. I was here when the News-Gazette closed its printing press and we had to change our production schedule as a result. And I will be here when we move our office from Green Street to the University YMCA on Wright Street.

As journalists, we are taught to be prepared for anything. We change with the circumstances and roll with the tide. I’ve been here through a lot, and as the next editor-in-chief, I promise to dedicate myself even more as we continue to evolve.

I’m going to be frank: We’re students with exams, social commitments and lives outside of The Daily Illini — we’re going to make mistakes. It won’t be intentional, but it will be educational. We will learn from our mistakes as we go, and we will always strive to do better.

While I cannot promise we will be perfect, I can promise we will work tirelessly to cover diverse content from an array of angles as timely as we can. I can promise we will make edits thoroughly and keep you all up-to-date on factual news. Most importantly, I can promise we will be present.

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