Concerts are the best medicine


Toni Pantone

By Noah Nelson, Columnist

Everyone in the world shares one common bond of a little thing called stress, and it’s especially apparent here at the University. Most people know how to cope with it by reading a good book, writing in a diary or playing with the pet dog, but for me, I attend concerts, and it’s the most therapeutic way of reducing stress.

I attend several concerts a year, and not of just one genre of music either. Last year, I rocked out at 13 shows, ranging from Brad Paisley to Alice Cooper and Kesha.

Concerts are the best medicine for any stressful person. The feeling of anticipation one can get waiting in line all day just to stand first row, meeting new people and actually seeing their favorite artist in person turns any stress into a happy memory.

Just a few years ago, I’ve found that attending so many concerts a year releases all the stress I have at any certain time in my life. I guess it’s why I’ve gone to 42 of them in the last 11 years. Whether I’m front row and the artist high fives my hand or I’m in the balcony watching from a distance, every aspect about going to concerts is irreplaceable. Like anything in life, by making the most out of my concert experience, I always seem to come home with new friends and a whole batch of new memories.

However, several people I know don’t go to concerts because of long lines, angry people pushing toward the front and the fact everyone is hot and sweaty by the end of the night. Yes, all of those facts stand true, but it’s all part of the experience. Usually when leaving a concert, everyone around me is so happy they just saw their favorite band that they can’t help but to keep smiling.

Concerts serve as just one of the many places in the world where, after experiencing, you feel inspired to start the next day with a great attitude, listen to that artist’s albums, or like me, learn that artist’s song on guitar. Concerts are a place where we can let go of all stress, dance as crazy as we want, sing as loud as we can and, just for a few hours, come together in peace to listen to live music.

Whether we stress over something small like missing breakfast due to waking up late, that test we barely studied for or maybe something bigger like a family issue, we all have stress, and we cannot deny that. However, it’s what we do with it that defines who we are as human beings. It either eats us alive on the inside, or we find something that kisses it all goodbye, at least for a little bit.

For me, going to concerts is a helpful remedy for any problem I might be having at any given time, and I don’t even have to pick it up at a drugstore. So if you’re stressed to the max over that upcoming midterm or that ex-partner, don’t take an Advil your body doesn’t need. Grab some friends and go see your favorite band live. You’ll be so glad you did.

Noah is a freshman in LAS.

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