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Opinion | Is Illinois a football or basketball school? | II

Opinion | Is Illinois a football or basketball school? | II

By Noah Nelson, Senior Columnist September 9, 2021

Oh, what a time to be an Illini. Just a few weeks into the new school year where most students have returned to the classroom in person amid an ongoing pandemic, that’s not the only thing members...

Ikenberry Dining Hall seats many students during their meals. Ikenberry Dining Hall has a wide variety in food options.

Opinion | Slandering Ikenberry Dining Hall does not make you cool

By Nick Johnson, Assistant Opinions Editor August 20, 2021

The University of Illinois is one of the nation’s premier public education institutions which excels in delivering its students a stellar college experience, and first-year housing is an aspect that...

Lundgren Hall stands on the corner of Gregory Drive and Fourth Street on Sept. 21. Lundgren Hall has many benefits that new students should take advantage of.

Opinion | Lundgren Hall is not the worst

By Nathaniel Langley, Opinions Editor August 8, 2021

If there ever were a theoretical survey of least appetizing university dorms, Lundgren Hall may top the list. Yet for those more appreciative of campus’s less-craven housing, Lundgren is the premier...

Students stand in a circle masked during Urbanite on May 1.  The University of Illinois is now requiring students to wear masks in public spaces to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Opinion | Renewed mask mandate breaks campus morale

By Micky Horstman, Columnist August 4, 2021

The University of Illinois’ updated mask mandate is a giant step in the wrong direction for Illini hoping to regain a sense of normalcy for the upcoming fall semester. Last week, the University reinstated...

A giant version of the game Operation is played in an office. Columnist Noah Nelson believes University alum deserve recognition for their creations such as John Spinello who was the original founder of Operation.

Historic Illini inventions merit accolades

By Noah Nelson, Senior Columnist July 15, 2021

Since its inception in 1867, the University has become one of the best institutions in the country. Likewise, if anyone doubts the University’s success, look no further than its historic Illini alumni. Over...

Students at the on-campus recreational theater perform onstage. Columnist Micky Horstman argues that the Universities pandemic guidelines have limited theater majors from learning.

Opinion | University pandemic guidelines harm theater

By Micky Horstman, Columnist May 12, 2021

The University has followed the strictest COVID-19 guidelines and implemented a yearlong plan to minimize the spread of the disease. While prioritizing the health and safety of its faculty and students,...

Students study for finals on the first floor of Grainger Library on May 6, 2019. Columnist Samuel Rahman argues that semester finals need to be updated.

Opinion | Let finals reflect productive examining

By Samuel Rahman, Assistant Opinions Editor May 6, 2021

Finals: What’s the point?  If 33% of my grade depends on a single paper or exam — and subsequently my course grade stems from this highly weighted metric — I believe I am entitled to the answer. For...

Students walk outside the Illini Union on Aug. 21. Columnist Noah Nelson encourages Illini to power through finals week.

Opinion | Power through this semester’s finals

By Noah Nelson, Senior Columnist May 5, 2021

It’s that time of year again — and no, it’s not Christmas. On college campuses everywhere, it’s finals season: the tail end of the semester in which students feel the peak of stress, fuzziness,...

The Universities Alma Mater statue sits at the corner of Wright and Green streets on April 3, 2020. Columnist Noah Nelson argues that Alma Mater holds historic value that is under-appreciated.

Opinion | Alma Mater possesses undervalued history

By Noah Nelson, Senior Columnist May 1, 2021

Located at the corner of Wright and Green streets, to the side of Altgeld Hall and in the heart of campus, the Alma Mater statue endures as one of the most recognizable sites at the University. Alma...

Students sit on the Main Quad April 3. Columnist Andrea Martinez argues that students at the University learn about diversity, but not inclusion — about diverse communities, but not how to interact with them.

Opinion | University underserves in diversity promise

By Andrea Martinez, Columnist April 20, 2021

The University prides itself not only in its academic achievements but also in its diversity. Over the years, the University has taken deliberate steps to advance underrepresented minorities. The school...

A group of University students crowd around a videographer on the Main Quad after the Illini basketball team won the Big Ten Championship on March 14. Columnist Nick Johnson argues that Illini basketball fans shouldnt be worried for next season because Brad Underwood is prepared to build another winning team.

Opinion | Don’t panic Illini basketball fans

By Nick Johnson, Assistant Opinions Editor April 9, 2021

An uncharacteristically embarrassing defeat to an eighth-seeded team ends a historic season. AP All-American First Team player, Bob Cousy Award winner and all-time Illini great Ayo Dosumnu bids farewell...

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