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Neelab holds up her one year olds birth certificate. Columnist Eddie Ryan shares his opinion on the Afghanistan Refugee problem that is now taking place after the United States left Afghanistan.

Opinion | America is indebted to Afghan refugees

By Eddie Ryan, Columnist September 13, 2021

With the United States gone from Afghanistan, several details mustn’t be allowed to settle into obscurity. After a withdrawal which President Joe Biden dubbed “an extraordinary success,” thousands...

Sergeant Zach Smola, rear door gunner on a CH-47, keeps watch on the mountains in Uruzgan province, Afghanistan on May 12, 2013. Columnist Eddie Ryan argues that Americas self absorption has hurt Afghans yet again.

Opinion | American solipsism hurts Afghans again

By Eddie Ryan, Columnist September 2, 2021

It strikes one as a morose and rather cruel instance of irony that the imagery which now bookends America’s stint in Afghanistan should feature planes and desperate, dying civilians.  Nearly 20 years...

The U.S. rhythmic gymnastics team hug after completing their final routine on Saturday at the Ariake Gymnastics Center during the Tokyo Olympics. Columnist Nathaniel Langley argues that the Olympic host city displaces less affluent communities and expedites gentrification rather than uniting the world.

Opinion | Olympics serve no modern purpose

By Nathaniel Langley, Opinions Editor August 10, 2021

A particular elation looms every two years as the Olympic Games occur. Rooting for one’s home country, it is not difficult to be caught in the Games’ fervor. Nevertheless, the delayed and faulty...

Russian lawyer Alexei Navalny stares with intent on Oct. 22, 2011. Columnist Eddie Ryan argues that Navalny is facing a turning point in his career.

Opinion | Navalny faces another inflection point

By Eddie Ryan, Columnist May 11, 2021

At the moment, one thing in Russia seems clear: Alexei Navalny has disrobed the emperor, or when in a more generous mood, allowed him just a pair of proverbial undergarments. For in his decade and a...

A crowd of soccer fans in Europe protest the Super League. Columnist Nick Johnson argues that the Super League was created in the interest of greed instead of the spirit of soccer.

Opinion | Proposed Super League will ruin soccer forever

By Nick Johnson, Assistant Opinions Editor April 22, 2021

European club soccer is the mainstay of global sports. While the United States may dominate the athletics scene by terms of diversity in the shape of different types of professional sports, the attention...

The Student Union, along with many teachers, protest against a military coup in front of the State Government Office in Hpa-An, Kayin State, Myanmar on Feb. 9. Columnist Eddie Ryan argues that suffering Burmese deserve stronger solidarity.

Opinion | Suffering Burmese deserve consolidated solidarity

By Eddie Ryan, Columnist April 13, 2021

Just two months have elapsed since the jarring and demoralizing military coup in Myanmar. In the short time, one hasn’t had to look far for footage of unfeeling repression set against bloody but valiant...

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