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Editorial: Share holiday cheer with WPGU’s Operation Santa

Gearing up for the holiday season can be tough when you’re seriously strapped for cash and stressed out over your five finals.

Somehow, though, our friends at WPGU managed to get in the holiday spirit in the best way possible.

Our sister radio station will host a DJ lock-in Thursday and Friday to raise money for the 23rd annual Operation Santa, a fundraiser to buy gifts for local children in need. This year, the gifts will be donated to children at the Crisis Nursery and Parent Wonders of Rantoul.

Regrettably, the members of The Daily Illini Editorial Board have little to do with this. Some of us will help wrap gifts, or donate a few dollars, but that’s nothing compared to the hard work the managers and DJs at WPGU put into Operation Santa each year.

The time, money and heart that goes into making this happen is more than we could match, so we decided to contribute with what we know best: a persuasive editorial.

Dig through your couch cushions for spare change or skip the regular stop at your favorite drunk-food place — better yet, skip an entire night out — and donate what you save. Even if you feel that you can only give a dollar, give it. Every cent helps.

Some of these kids asked for a small toy, and that will brighten their day, but most asked for basic necessities like coats and scarves. Any contribution you can make will help keep a child happy, warm or maybe even both.

If a monetary donation simply isn’t an option, find a local organization where you can donate your time. Giving even an hour of it to an organization in need will do a whole lot of good. Not only will you be helping people who sincerely appreciate and deserve it, you’ll certainly feel a little uplifted too.

You absolutely deserve to spend a day binge-watching all of your favorite Christmas movies while stringing lights across your dorm or apartment, but this season we hope you’re inspired to give a little back as well.

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