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Editorial: Our mandatory listening for Unofficial 2017

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Editorial: Our mandatory listening for Unofficial 2017

By The Daily Illini Editorial Board

For a day that’s dedicated to drinking, or at least fun with friends, you’ll need definitely need some tunes to last you through your Unofficial activities.  

While there are plenty of non-Illinois students on campus for the weekend, that doesn’t mean we all can’t agree on our musical taste for the day.

Full disclosure: There are a few Irish lads and lasses on our editorial board. So this playlist not only includes the most current hits, but dabbles in the classic Irish tunes as well.

We’re talking about the ones that are belted out around a piano on St. Paddy’s Day. The kind that just make you think of wearing green and Irish sweaters as a child, posing for pictures with your cousins while trying to sneak a shamrock cookie.

But of course, we included that classics that will have you grinding and wishing for summer all day long.

We hope you enjoy the entire playlist, but here are some of our favorites.


Unofficial is hit or miss when it comes to weather. There are years with glorious sunshine and others with freezing snow. So avoid that predicament with this banger: it’ll help you think of simpler times like sipping a marg on the white sand.

Kiss Me I’m Irish

Let’s be real, everyone will say they’re Irish on Unofficial. And it’s the Irish spirit to let them believe so, even if for a day. As the old saying goes: If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, then you’re lucky enough.  

Day Drinking

Self explanatory. If you’re having trouble with this inclusion, you might have trouble with the holiday. Go study up and buy a six pack along the way.

Bad and Boujee

This song will delight all guests from the moment “rain drops, drop tops,” comes across your speakers. Who isn’t bad and boujee when decked in the brightest green one can find? Or at least the cheapest shirt from the expensive Unofficial website we’ve all bought from.

The Night I Punched Russell Crowe

So this is one of those that you do a double take. Did Gaelic Storm really punch Russell Crowe? Who knows? But the metaphor is there: Think of it as the night you punched that frat star. Or that random guy on Green who stole your chicken strips. They’re all Russell Crowe anyway.

Sweet Caroline

This is a classic. Your dad would have listened to this on his own Unofficial … had Unofficial existed back then. Honor your dad. Honor all the barn dances past. Honor KAMS and Lion block. Honor thy party lineage.

South Side Irish

We all know most Illinois kids are from the Chicago suburbs, pretending to be Chicagoans. What is more Irish Chicago than the classic “South Side Irish?” If you’re from South neighborhoods or know what the South Side Irish Parade is, then you know the song. And you know there are two favorite clubs: The Go-Go White Sox and whoever plays the Cubs.

Chelsea Dagger

Nothing will get you pumped for game day or at least a day of drinking than this song. Hey, it works for the Blackhawks, right?

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