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A list of 20 things going on while Donald Trump distracts us

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A list of 20 things going on while Donald Trump distracts us

President Donald Trump’s antics can deter Americans from more important issues going on “behind the scenes.” Last week, Trump’s cheerleader-like display throwing paper towel rolls into the crowd distracted from real issues that the people of Puerto Rico are dealing with. Sometimes, people seem to be more outraged that at Trump’s unpresidential behavior than upset at what led him to act that way.

The Daily Illini Editorial Board realized that this might happen more often than we realize. We let the president’s amusingly dimwitted tweets and actions overshadow real news that should get just as much attention as, if not more than, his unpresidential behavior. In light of this, we compiled a list other occurrences that you may or may not be aware of:

  1. Columbus Day is today, and this country should revisit the issue of celebrating a murderer who did not really “discover” anything.
  2. Puerto Rico is still suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, even after Trump’s generous display over the past week.
  3. Las Vegas is picking up the pieces from the horrific mass shooting Sunday night. Survivors and families of the victims have not recovered from the terror event, even if the rest of the country has a short attention span.
  4. The NRA called for a review of gun modifiers used by Stephen Paddock during the Las Vegas shooting.
  5. A bill was passed in the House of Representatives that will criminalize abortion after 20 weeks.
  6. The most recent version of the travel ban, including the countries of Venezuela, Libya, Chad, Syria, Iran, Yemen, North Korea and Somalia, goes into effect next week.
  7. Tim Murphy, GOP congressman who reportedly asked his mistress to get an abortion, resigned from congress.
  8. Attorney General Jeff Sessions ends workplace protections for transgender people.
  9. Refugees are leaving the U.S. for Canada in high numbers.
  10. The North Korean missile threat is still not resolved.
  11. A vote to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act is still on the backburner.
  12. Eight troops from Niger and US Special Forces troops were killed on Wednesday.
  13. A new mandate won’t require employers to offer birth control coverage in their insurance plans. Right now, more than 55 million women receive birth control at no cost and may be losing their contraception.
  14. A congressional committee approves $10 billion for the border wall Trump promised in his campaign.
  15. The Treasury Department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis has allegedly been illegally rifling through and filing personal and private financial records of U.S. citizens.
  16. The Rohinyga population of Myanmar is attempting to flee to Bangladesh and other countries after executions, rapes and destruction of whole villages at the hands of the Myanmar government.
  17. Hurricane Nate made U.S. landfall this weekend along Mississippi coast as a category one hurricane with 85 mph winds.
  18. White nationalists returned to Charlottesville, Va. on Saturday with torches and chanted “we will rise again.”
  19. Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein accused of sexual assault; has been paying off victims for decades.
  20. Brent Christensen, alleged kidnapper and murderer of University student Yingying Zhang, going in front of the judge again Wednesday to hear new charges.
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