Gallery | EarthGang sparks high energy at Foellinger Auditorium

By Ryan Ash, Photographer

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  • EarthGang member Olu opens a water bottle on the Foellinger stage on Wednesday. EarthGang brought high energy to the small and intimate venue.

  • The hip-hop duo EarthGang takes a stance on the Foellinger stage.

  • EarthGang member Olu bends down and raps to the crowd.

  • EarthGang member Wowgr8 high fives the members of the crowd.

  • Members of EarthGang raise their hands to hype up the crowd.

  • Local Champaign artist GATSON performs the opener act before EarthGang.

  • GATSON walks to the left side of the stage as the lights are dimmed.

  • EarthGang member Olu raises his hand as he raps to the crowd.

  • EarthGang member Wowgr8 dances on stage as fans cheer for him.

  • EarthGang member Olu hands out water to fans toward the end of the concert.

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