Best places to grab a bite after a night out

By Jessica Ramos

There is nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal after a night out with friends in Campustown. You might regret it in the morning, but at that moment the only way you can imagine your night ending is with a late night grub.

Whether it’s a quick snack or a full meal, make sure to check out these restaurants during your first year at UIUC.

Antonio’s Pizza

Pizza here is sold by the slice and there is plenty to choose from. Antonio’s has the feel of a Chicago pizza joint but is located in the heart of Campustown. It is only minutes away from Brother’s Bar & Grill and Murphy’s Pub.

The toppings options go beyond sausage, cheese and pepperoni. They range from macaroni to buffalo chicken, and there are plenty of options for vegetarians, too!

Cracked food truck

If you want a quick late-night snack, look no further than the Cracked truck, located right outside of Joe’s Brewery.

If you enjoy Cracked’s breakfast delicacies during the day, just imagine having them at night.

The truck sells sandwiches and sides. There are plenty of menu options, whether you’re starving or just looking for some crispy tots. There are also sweet tots, loaded tots and even tots topped with Cracked’s signature Sriracha sour cream.

Fat Sandwich Company

Fat Sandwich Company is the place to go if you’re looking for a greasy glory. Their sandwiches are loaded with fries, mozzarella sticks, mac-n-cheese bites and almost any fast food item you can think of.

One suggestion: if you want to successfully eat a Fat Sandwich, then you better eat some of the fries first, or else it will fall apart in your hands. You don’t want that, especially after the long night you’ve had!

Burrito King

If you’re looking for good Mexican food, then Burrito King is the place to be. You’re always guaranteed a side of chips and salsa to go along with your meal.

There are plenty of menu options ranging from a full dinner of enchiladas to just a shrimp taco.

But beware: there are long lines after 2 a.m., because who doesn’t enjoy Mexican food?

Insomnia Cookies

Go to Insomnia Cookies if you are in the mood for a warm cookie or a brownie a la mode. The brownie a la mode is a guaranteed satisfying snack. It’s a brownie topped with your choice of flavored ice cream. Who doesn’t enjoy ice cream late at night?

They also deliver late if you decide you want a snack once you make it home and regret not getting grub earlier.

Jessica is a senior in Media.

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