Where to work out, ARC or CRCE?


Among many of the fitness classes offered at the Campus Recreation Centers, R.I.P.P.E.D., held every Tuesday from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in CRCE in Urbana is a popular choice for women.

By Jessica Ramos

The University of Illinois is jam-packed with opportunities to stay fit. If you are living in Urbana, the Campus Recreation Center East, or CRCE, is the place to be. Do you want to take a swim in an Olympic-sized pool? Visit the Activities and Recreation Center, or ARC, in Champaign. There is plenty to do no matter what side of campus you are on.

Campus Recreation Center East (CRCE)

CRCE (pronounced ‘sir-see’) is less than ten minutes away from the Main Quad and right across the street from Allen Residence Hall. It was remodeled in 2005, and since then it has become a go-to for students and anyone trying to get in a quick workout before heading to the Main Quad for class.

Smaller gym with all the perks

One of the main advantages of working out at CRCE is that it has all the equipment necessary for a successful workout. Despite being the smaller gym, CRCE is equipped with cardio/strength training machines and with weights/barbells. If you are not a fan of running on a machine, there is also a ? mile indoor track.

For anyone looking to go for a swim, CRCE also houses an indoor aquatic pool with a water slide, volcano, and 12-person spa. You can enjoy a swim, relax in the spa, and feel like a kid again all in one place!

Proximity and accessibility

For students living in the residence halls, CRCE is quite convenient. It is located in the center of Illinois Street Residence Halls, Allen Hall, Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall, Florida Avenue Residence Halls, and Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls. This means students can easily access the gym, either by walking or taking the MTD.

There are several MTD buses that follow this route, enabling students to come from anywhere on campus. The 12 Teal and 13 Silver buses both stop outside the center, and the 22 Illini bus stop is only a minute away.

Activities and Recreation Center (ARC)

The ARC is located across from Memorial Stadium and is only a few minutes away from the Ikenberry Commons. One of the country’s largest recreation centers, the ARC has activities for everyone, from beginners to more serious weightlifters.

Rock climbing wall

The ARC features a 35-foot climbing wall open to all members. You can rent a pair of shoes and take a shot at climbing the wall; whether you’re an avid climber or not, it’s a guaranteed good time! Members also have access to rental camping equipment at a low cost.

ARC instructional kitchen

Being in college and living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging, but the ARC is prepared to help students with that, too. The center features an instructional kitchen that hosts healthy cooking classes, and group kitchen rentals are available. You can also join in on a grocery store tour that will teach you how to shop healthy on a college budget.

Weight room

As one of the country’s biggest recreation centers, the ARC includes a full weight room on the lower floor. The weight room includes machines, barbells, dumbbells, a squat rack, and an area where members can deadlift. But be wary, the center becomes crowded later in the evening, which means you may have to wait your turn on the machines.

Sauna and indoor and outdoor pool

No matter what the season is, students have access to a pool. You can practice swimming, take a class, or just relax. The outdoor Olympic-sized pool is open during warmer months. You can also go into the sauna after a swim or a long workout.

Both the ARC and CRCE offer Group Fitness packages for all members and special prices for students, who have the option of purchasing an annual or semester-long pass that gives unlimited access to classes at both centers. The classes range from yoga to strength training like BODYPUMP. You have the choice of attending either gym, allowing you more flexibility with your schedule.

Despite what your goals are, the recreation centers at the University are equipped to meet your needs. Make sure to take advantage of all there is to offer!

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