Get your Tweet on


By Dan Collins

The University of Illinois offers many ways to keep its students in the loop. Twitter is one of those outlets.

That being said, it is good to familiarize yourself with the most useful Twitter accounts.


Here comes to most obvious of the Twitter accounts to follow. That’s right, @Illinois_Alma. I don’t think I have to go to in depth with this one. It’s the University’s personal account, so you’ll gain some brownie points from good ol’ Alma.


Before you start calling me a “homer,” give me a chance. I’ll make this short and simple. The Daily Illini wins prestigious awards on a yearly basis for keeping students up-to-date on University happenings. Told you I’d keep it short.


As a student and broadcast journalism major in the College of Media, this might seem like a biased pick too. The account, though, does do a great job in keeping U of I students up-to-date with the latest news, sports, weather and entertainment in the community.


Since it’s one of those places on campus that you’ll eventually find yourself in, and probably multiple times at that, @Illini_Union is one that’d be good to invest a follow in. There are a variety of events that students from various walks of life would enjoy. Following the Illini Union’s account will make sure that you are one of the first to know about those festivities, making it easy for you to plan your upcoming weeks.


I’m one who enjoys a good laugh every once in a while. I feel that goes for most people. That’s why I would recommend @CollegeStudent. Sometimes there’s nothing more refreshing than scrolling through a humorous parody account after being put through the daily grind of college life. One of the best parts about the account, as the handle would suggest, is that the jokes relate mostly to college students.

Your major, such as @collegeofmedia

This one can go multiple ways depending on what your field of study is. For instance, if you’re a student like me in the College of Media, then it would be beneficial to follow @collegeofmedia. You’ve committed four years to practicing your craft at the college, might as well go all in with a Twitter follow.

Sports accounts

Coming from a huge sports fan, follow the account of your favorite sports team(s). I can’t tell you how many times my beloved sports teams’ accounts have come through with much needed scores and news.


Last but surely not least, you definitely want to @TweetDanCollins. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, the account belongs to yours truly. While it typically pertains to all things sports, I can get a little humorous from time to time.  Tweet: Check assistant sports editor @TweetDanCollins list of the best twitter accounts to follow.

Daniel is a senior in Media.
[email protected]