Essentials for your dorm, apartment


By Aminah Koshul

Desk lamp: You’ll need this for long nights of studying, when your roommate wants to check in early but you’ve got that major midterm tomorrow.

Storage bins: Closet space may not end up being enough to store everything you need.

Shoe rack: This helps organize shoes so they don’t litter the floor and you’re not scrambling to find your other sneaker while running late for class.

Poster putty: This can be used to hang up posters without damaging the walls and getting charged.

Posters/pictures: Pictures of friends and family help personalize your room and make it feel more like home.

Bedsheets: Bring a few extra sheets so you can change them throughout the year. (This is especially useful for those lazier days when you don’t feel like washing your old ones right away and you need a fresh set.)

Pillows: We all know how important head support is when you’re trying to nap and escape your responsibilities.

Comforter: Choose a nicely-patterned one that ties your décor together.

Laundry basket: You’ll need this to store your dirty laundry and carry it to and from the laundry room.

Microwave: Microwave meals are pretty convenient when you’re not eating in the dining halls.

Refrigerator: You’ll want to store food for when you don’t feel like leaving your room to eat.

Shower caddy: This is useful for carrying all toiletries — especially in a dorm, where you can’t leave them in the bathroom.

Trash bags: These should preferably be scented for when you’re taking out the trash.

Paper towels: They will be incredibly convenient for cleaning up spills and other messes.

Tissues: They’ll come in handy when you feel like crying because the pressure is getting to you.

Disinfectant wipes: Wipe all surfaces down to keep them germ-free — particularly during flu season.

Paper plates: Let’s be real, you’re not doing any dishes.

Plastic spoons and forks: Please refer to reason above.

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