The Michelin stars of campus dining halls

By Aminah Koshul

Ike: It has the most variety, but it gets crowded pretty fast around 5 p.m., so show up super early or super late to avoid the rush. A bonus tip: For the milkshake to be good, it has to have the perfect ice cream-to-oreo ratio. Just saying.

Allen: This dining hall has the most vegetarian options and plenty of room for seating.

FAR: Breakfast for dinner on Tuesday nights is probably this dining hall’s best meal of the week.

PAR: Always a good option when you’ve missed regular dinner hours and feel hungry for “late night.”AG

Busey: By far the smallest dining hall, but lunch on Fridays gets pretty busy because of their specialty pasta station.AG

ISR: I’m not a big fan of the food, but their late night is pretty convenient.

Claire Stelter-Junior-HDFSAG

Dining Hall:

Ike — 5

Allen — 3

FAR — 3

PAR — 5

Busey — 3

ISR –1

Aaron Chen-Senior-MCBAG

Dining Hall:

Ike — 5

Multiple options, a lot of space

FAR — 2

Kind of cramped, limited options

PAR — 4

Multiple options, not too much space

Busey — 3

Nice and isolated, limited options

ISR –3

Can be crowded with long lines

Morgan Manka-Junior-IBAG

Dining Hall:

Ike — 2

Many options, too many people, unorganized

FAR — 4

Breakfast for dinner is delicious, not too many options

PAR — 5

Late night stir-fry and pasta was my favorite

Busey — 3

Healthy lunch options, hard to find

Maria Issa-Freshman-ArchitectureAG

Dining Hall:

Allen — 4

PAR — 5

Busey — 3

ISR –2

Aminah is a sophomore in LAS.

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