Finding a home in the dorms

Dorm living can be fun and full of memories and friends you will remember throughout college.


By Charlotte Carroll, Sports editor

Carroll, Charlotte

Most people give FAR/PAR, the dorms Florida Avenue Residence Hall and Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Hall, a bad rep; however, I can’t say enough good things about my freshman experience living in the dorms at Illinois. So much so, that my friends and I decided to live in the dorms a second year.

To me, the only downsides of my first-year dorm was the distance and lack of air-conditioning. But even then, I only had to suck up the heat for a month, and the distance kept off the freshman 15.

Not bad, as it left the positives to far outweigh the negatives.

College is a whole new ballgame, and campus is full of possibilities. Coming from a high school where so many students attend Illinois, I was worried about running into my fellow classmates left and right. It turns out I had nothing to be worried about.

I ended up being that girl who sat in the dorm lounge the first few weeks, getting to know my neighbors and starting conversations with random people walking by. You never know what will come out of it, so take advantage of all of the different people you meet and take the time to learn about what makes them so unique.

Because of this, I can say I know so many more people on campus now and was able to meet some of my really good friends. Plus, campus feels much smaller as I run into people from the dorm years.

Living in a dorm as you experience college is such a wild ride. The people you meet become your family, your future roommates for all of college and just a whole new support system.

I was so fortunate to have a floor both freshman and sophomore year where we really looked after each and spent hours together. From our first college parties to prank wars with the upstairs boys, the time we spent together was full of laughs and learning as we experienced college together.

There are many sleepless nights as you gossip in the common room or each other’s rooms, watching movies from Disney classics to new favorites. You bond with random people over dinner in the dining hall and soon pick your favorite meals.

One of the greatest things is knowing you can knock on a friend’s door whenever you need them. You don’t have to make plans or leave your building in the cold snow.

It’s hard to sum up the dorms, as they will undoubtedly mean something different for everyone. But it’s a chance to branch out, make new friends and learn more about yourself.

As I start my senior year, it’s weird to think my first day in Babcock Hall was three years ago. You’re going to change as a person in your time in college, which isn’t a bad thing at all. You become a better one because of the experiences and the people you meet.

As my floormates would say, Bab Three and Scott Two for life!

Charlotte is a senior in Media.
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