UIF utilizes Quad Day to recruit new employees


Lily Katz

The University of Illinois Foundation can be found in Harker Hall on the northeast side of the Main Quad. August 17, 2016

By Isabella Jackson, Supplements editor.

Students will find many clubs and student organizations to join on Quad Day, but they will also have the opportunity to learn more about corporations that are hiring students in the campus area.

The University of Illinois Foundation (UIF) is the independent, nonprofit corporation responsible for fundraising for the University of Illinois.

Workers make calls to alumni in the evening to maintain the relationship between the University and its graduates and encourage gift-giving that supports the school.

Because all of the workers are undergraduate and graduate students, there is turnover when students graduate, and the organization must hire a new set of employees a throughout the year.

Quad Day is an critical time to reach students who may be interested in working.

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    “Quad Day is a really important day to recruit people to work at UIF because it is the start of a new school year, and many students are still looking for a campus job,” Rachel Bentivenga, the current Coordinator of Hiring and Recruitment, wrote in an email.

    Bentivenga said that the diversity of students that will be on and around the Quad is a major benefit because they are able to reach students of all majors and ages.

    UIF will have a booth on the Quad, but will also station employees around the central campus area with flyers to give to students approaching and leaving the Quad.

    Bentivenga said that when preparing for Quad Day, time management is essential. The preparations started in April, when she reserved the booth on the Quad and began planning the logistics of the day.

    “I came up with a shirt design, created a poster, and designed flyers to pass out to students. Then I had to order the shirts and make sure that everything would be ready to pass out to our employees before Quad Day,” she said.

    Bentivenga said that UIF has received a very positive response from students who talked to workers on previous Quad Days.

    “It is a great opportunity for students to find out about UIF,” Bentivenga said, “Even if students are not looking for a job at that time, they might remember seeing us on Quad Day in the future, and then will want to apply.”

    When Rebekah Bender, sophomore in ACES, attended last year’s Quad Day, she was not looking for a job at all.

    “I went with a few of my friends of mine to see all the clubs and organizations on campus,” Bender wrote in an email, “I happened to walk by an enthusasic group of people handing out fliers about jobs at UIF.”

    Jennifer Lynn, junior in Business, started working for UIF in the fall of 2014. She will spend this year’s Quad Day passing out flyers near the Quad.

    She said that UIF benefits students because it is a great resume booster. Workers strengthen their speaking and active listening skills, which will help them with interviews and presentations in future jobs. On top of that, there are perks such as pay starting at $10 per hour and weekends without being scheduled for shifts.

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