What is your dream career?

By Holiday Tang, Staff writer

Joel Khristy

“I’m in engineering right now, so I guess working at NASA or something. They’re the main people behind all the stuff going on in aerospace.”

-Joel Khristy, junior in Engineering

Emily Comer

“I’m on track to be a professor right now. I’m in grad school. I don’t know if I’d say that’s my dream career, but I don’t know what else I’ve got in those terms.”
-Emily Comer, graduate student in philosophy of education.


 “Since I am majoring in crop science, I want to get into some sort of marketing or sales position with AC Crop Company. My dad was a farmer. I think that somehow runs in to your blood to some degree; also (crop science) is just something I am very passionate about, and I want to continue to advance agricultural companies.”
-Kristine Stewart, freshman in ACES


“Work with wildlife. I was able to work in the wildlife vet school here, and I fell in love with wildlife through my experience as an undergrad. Now I want to work with wildlife to do research after I finish graduate school in the future!”
-Ashley Hendrix, graduate student in animal science
“I plan to go into the field of software development and management in teams. I came to this decision after I went to a job shadow in last January at Trunk Club. I was able to see various jobs going on in the company. One of the workers was debugging code to fix some bugs on the website, and I was really captured by it, so I decide to go into software development and management.”
-Andrew Guifarro, sophomore in Engineering


“To work in pharmaceutical industry as an engineer or a scientist. I had no idea what I was going to do with my major for the first two years of my school, then this summer I had an internship with a pharmaceutical company. I really like the experience and the projects they have there; therefore I want to work for pharmaceutical industry.”

-Kaylin Moy, senior in Engineering


“I either want to become a psychiatrist or a social worker. I was taking AP Psychology in my senior year in high school, and that led me to declare a psychology major at U of I. After looking into some specific aspects of psychology, I decided that I either want to become a psychiatrist or a social worker.”

-Ivan Suggs, freshman in LAS