Students reflect on favorite campus traditions

By Michael Semaca, Staff writer

Question: What do you think is our biggest campus tradition and why?

Can I say the Chief? I think it’s the Chief, because it represents us as a University the best. We still chant his name at all the games.”

Lauren Cassady, sophomore in ACES

“From what I’ve seen, taking a picture with Alma. That’s like a staple.”

Carly Hofreiter, sophomore in LAS

“Just from my perspective, I guess Unofficial is pretty big.”

Kirin Upadhyay, senior in AHS

“I don’t know too much about our campus traditions, but singing our school song during the football game seems to be a pretty big one. It’s a pretty fun one, getting to sing with everybody and putting your arms around everybody and being one huge family.”

Nikhil Parmar, freshman in Engineering

“Biggest campus tradition? That’s a tough one. I think the biggest one is during our football games when we play Oskee Wow Wow. That’s the one when everybody puts their arms around each other, right? Well there’s this one song, I don’t remember exactly which one, but during the football games everybody kinda puts their arms around each other and goes side to side.”

Mohammed Raihaam, junior in LAS

I guess I would just say sports in general are a fairly longstanding tradition at the U of I.”

Erin Johnson, senior in LAS

“Homecoming is up there probably. It’s been around for a while, and it’s always a big deal when it comes around.”

Alishan Gaglani, senior in Engineering

“I don’t know. Maybe Unofficial? I don’t know that it’s the longest tradition, but it’s probably the one we take the most seriously.”

Sara Caputo, junior in LAS and Illinimedia employee

“Would you call Quad Day a tradition? I’d say that’s a pretty big tradition, literally every single student was on the Quad that day. It was definitely important for everybody to get in on the student clubs and such. The football games are a pretty big tradition, too.”

James Mack, freshman in DGS