Students voice opinions on voting

By Daily Ilini Staff Report

Who do you support? What was the tipping point for your choice?

Gracie Reinecke

Senior in LAS

“I did publicly support Bernie Sanders and now Hillary Clinton.”

“I typically am a Democrat. I usually don’t fall specifically into a party line, but I would say I’m a Democrat. I’m not voting for her (Hillary) specifically for that reason, but, like I said, my views on policy align more clearly with hers than any of the other third party candidates or with the Republican candidate.

Dennis Rich

Sophomore in Engineering

“I tentatively support Hillary Clinton. I am also not entirely confident in my vote, but I feel that it’s better to voice any preference I have no matter how small.”

“I’ve been debating between Hillary Clinton and Gary Johnson but I feel that Gary Johnson’s policies, especially regarding his aggressive restructuring of government, is unsustainable and probably not realistic. Clinton has a lot of foreign policy experience, and I’m currently interested and afraid to see where the situation with Russian foreign relations is going, so I think she’ll be able to, despite her “hawkishness,” she’ll be able to move that forward in a way that I approve of.”

Jerome Williams

Junior in LAS

“There’s some candidates who should have never of gotten as far as they have. But I think for the future, it definitely is going to put a different light on how Republicans choose their candidates and how both parties choose their candidates, because, I mean, there’s big issues with both candidates that people are trying to point out. So, going forward, this is going to be very interesting for the next election.”

Alondra Flores

Junior in LAS

“I definitely don’t want Trump to win and so that’s one and also just a lot of ways that she (Clinton) wants to help the economy and wants to bring jobs and opportunities for underprivileged people that don’t have those opportunities yet.”

Meegan Mayer

Sophomore in DGS

“Probably Hillary. I don’t think there’s an argument to vote for Trump, especially as a woman. Definitely think that although Hillary has a shady past, she has experience and is more qualified than Trump.”

Jacqueline Quintero

Freshman in DGS

“I support Hillary. After Bernie Sanders was kicked out — not kicked out, it was always her because it was never an option to vote Trump. There was no turning point; it was just never an option.”

Matthew Monks

Freshman in Business

“I support Trump. Wikileaks was the tipping point because before I was undecided.”

Jackson Clancy

Freshman in AHS

“I support Trump. There wasn’t really a turning point for me. I was always a Trump supporter. Really, I just agree with a lot of his ideals, and I think his hard-core nature is what we need right now in our country.”

Amanda Maher

Freshman in Engineering

“I think I may vote for Gary Johnson. Politics have become so polarized, which is why I want to vote Gary. I also consider myself a Libertarian.”

Devin Akman

Junior in LAS

“I wanted to avoid the lines on election day.”

“Well, it makes me realize that I’m not going to vote for the Republican or the Democratic candidate.”

Tom Bristow

Junior in Engineering

“Yeah, I’m voting for Hillary.”

“I don’t know if I ever really considered voting for Trump, or Stein or Johnson. Primaries I voted for Bernie; I liked him better than Hillary but compared to Trump I don’t know if that’s really even a question.”

Tolu Efunkoya

Sophomore in AHS

“I think it was mainly the debates. After the debates and hearing Donald Trump actually interact with Hillary and talking, because I’m not really into politics so, you know, you just hear different things, and people are like ‘oh you’re voting for Hillary because she’s a woman’ — it’s like no that’s not really it — it’s more like if there’s two like bad apples, I’m gonna pick the lesser bad apple. Basically, that’s how I look at it because there’s always going to be pros and cons to everybody, so she’s like the one that I feel like has less cons.”

Derek Jung

Graduate student in LAS 

“I kind of publicly support Hillary Clinton.”

“On one level, I think she’d make a better president than other major candidates, Donald Trump, and I guess like Obama, and I’ve heard Obama’s speech … supporting Hillary Clinton, saying that she’s like really involved in meetings and they really listen to what she has to say,” he said. “I guess I like Obama, that’s partially why I’m voting for Clinton.” 

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