What are your career goals for 2017?

By Holiday Tang, Staff writer

I am trying to apply for the Nursing School, and they like candidates to have a lot of experience, so I am trying to find some organizations to get involved in; maybe the American Red Cross, Student Nursing Association, or volunteer programs through the OVP to gain some hands-on experience.

Tracy Nguyen
Freshman in DGS


I made two resolutions for my academics in 2017. The first is to do all of my homework at least the day before the due dates. The second resolution is to go to professors’ office hours more often to build connections with them on a personal level. I think that will be beneficial for building my career network.

Anthony Lambert
Freshman in Engineering


I am trying to get into a research lab in food production to learn more about the field that I want to go into, so that after graduation, I know more than I would if I didn’t do it.

Margaret Tamm
Freshman in Engineering


Personally, I would say to interact with people more while I am studying for the classes, like my professors, my TAs and students in the same classes. So I am going to know more about what I need for my future career.

Michael Licata
Freshman in LAS


For the new semester, I am going to better utilize the useful resources on campus, like the Career Center, to do resume reviews and to get interview help.

MacArthur Evaristo
Senior in LAS


This semester I am trying to stay more positive in not only my school work, but also in my social life. I am trying to be more respectful to people and deal with people better. We always forget that people are going through a lot, and it is important for me as a service-based major to deal with people in a more respectful and understanding way.

Layla Fattash
Senior in AHS


This semester, I am going to focus on transferring to another major for pre-medicine or pre-dentistry. I want to find out what to change it to by taking classes which I think might be interesting.

Abdulrhman Salih
Freshman in LAS


I am going to get more sleep, so that I can have more and better mental energy to get more done, like get better grades, be healthy and get into med-school.

Josephine Leuallen
Freshman in LAS


Through my summer internship, I realized how important it is to not only study for tests, but to learn the actual skills, which are far more valuable than the exams. That is what I want to do this year.

Jaime Mathew
Senior in Engineering


For this semester, my goal is to score an internship over the summer in any type of financial service—investment or banking—to better prepare myself as a business professional.

Adam Maryniuk
Sophomore in Business