How to escape a bad date

By Holiday Tang, Supplements writer

Dates: They can be fun, but unfortunately, a lot of times they can leave you wanting to run.

Everyone is used to coming home from a date and having friends crowd around and ask, “How did it go?”

Anyone can have a bad date for a variety of reasons: strange sense of humor, awkward silence, lack of common interests or just simply being in a bad mood.

In preparation for any one of these scenarios, everyone needs a solid escape plan under his or her belt. Here are a few to keep in mind:

Have a friend call you:

This is one of the most common and useful ways to get out of a bad date. Answering a call and pretending there was an emergency leaves no time to give an explanation and is a foolproof way to get you out of there.

Fake sick:

Fake sick and demonstrate some sudden negative physical conditions based on your own preference. You need to be a good actor, and if you’re going to try this, commit to it.

The bathroom dash:

This one is also extremely effective, but a little more mean. Tell your date that you have to go to the bathroom, and simply never return.

Have a demanding schedule:

Pretend something with work or school suddenly came up and that you have to leave immediately to take care of it. From a forgotten assignment to getting called in to your job, this can be a completely valid excuse.

Act out:

If your date is going horribly and you don’t have anywhere you’d rather be, have some fun with it! Act quirky and strange and see if you can get the other person to end the date first.

Be honest:

Tried and true, being honest with your date could possibly be the best way out of it. Telling them that you aren’t feeling it and that there’s no use in continuing the night can prevent both of you from wasting your time.

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