How to prep for a date

By Madeline Galassi, Supplements editor

All dates have one thing in common: They can cause a lot of stress. Whether you’re going on your first or 10th date with someone, going into it can be nerve-wracking, and it’s easy to put a lot of pressure on yourself. Following these five steps will help you stress less and have a great time.

1. Dress to impress

Have your outfit picked out beforehand, and make sure it’s something that you feel your best in. When you look good, you feel good, and dressing well can help you feel more confident. Having it picked out beforehand will be a huge help by helping you prevent any last-minute chaos that might ensue.

2. Plan ahead

If you’re going to a restaurant you’ve never been to or somewhere you know might take a while to drive to, plan ahead. Know where you’re going, and prepare for the amount of time it will take you to get there.

3. Think of conversation starters

Awkward silences and lack of conversation can happen even between couples that have been together for years. Catch up on current events and think of potential conversations you can start if the conversation stops flowing. Think outside the realm of the cliché date questions. Have them already up your sleeve and bring them up casually when things start to go south.

4. Exercise

Exercising the day of a date and having your body fueled with endorphins can help you feel your best. Get a good night’s sleep, exercise and do the things that you know make you feel good. For example, if you’re a runner, a nice jog the day of your date can help pump you up.

5. Clean yourself up

This may seem obvious, but taking a shower, shaving and feeling clean can also help you go into a date with great self-esteem. There’s no better time to do a face mask, get a manicure and pamper yourself than the day of a date. It can also help to use your favorite perfume or cologne.

6. Think positively

If you go into a date with a bad attitude, the chances of it working out — no matter how compatible you actually are — will be slim. Listen to music while you’re getting ready to get excited, and don’t allow yourself to think about the “what ifs” of the outcome of your date.

7. Be yourself

This may be the most important part of going on any date. If you’re pretending to be someone you’re not, it’s probably a sign that who you’re out with isn’t meant for you. Smile, and just be yourself.

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