Battle of the on-campus apartments: Green Street edition


Brian Bauer

Green Street Towers and 309 Green are two of the most popular apartments on Green Street.

By Kyra Kirsh, Supplements writer

When it comes time to choose between the many on-campus apartment options that lie on Green Street, we all become desperate for some truth amongst all of the rumors.

The two Green Street apartments that most people find themselves stuck between are Green Street Towers and 309 Green. The differences and similarities that these apartments share stem mostly from their location, prices and amenities. So, which is best for you? That’s the question you can ask yourself once you’ve seen the facts.

Green Street Towers

616 E. Green St., Champaign IL 61820

Green Street Towers sits directly above Panera Bread, Subway and other popular dining options. The location continues to impress with the Main Quad kitty-corner from the Green Street Towers building. This offers the convenience of a short walk to class, as well as the luxury of one of the most beautiful views on campus, right from your couch. Green Street Towers provides a bathroom inside of every bedroom, which many other apartment buildings do not. There are no balconies in Green Street Towers apartments, but there is a private central courtyard that is accessible to all apartments. You may only access the building with an electronic key fob, unless buzzed in by an apartment owner.

The pricing for the four bedroom and four bathroom 12-month lease falls at a minimum of $735 per person. This does not include the $128 monthly utility and service fee (water, sewer, recycling and internet) per apartment, but does include access to the workout room. If you have a vehicle on campus and need to park it in the Green Street Towers parking garage for the full year, you will be adding a $1,080 cost to your lease. These costs are higher than most in Champaign, but is that the price you’re willing to pay for the convenient central-campus location?


309 E. Green St., Champaign IL 61820

This highrise trades in the short walk to the Main Quad for the short walk to the infamous campus bar, The Red Lion. 309 is a true skyscraper, reaching 24 floors high, triple the height of Green Street Towers. This makes for beautiful views from the balconies that jut out of each apartment. You may only enter 309 with an electronic key fob, unless you are buzzed in by an apartment owner. There is also front-desk security, and a patrol officer outside of the building in the evening hours.

The pricing for the average four bedroom, two bathroom apartment in 309 is at about $729 per person. This includes utilities such as electricity, water and internet. This price also includes access to the building’s amenities, such as: a rooftop pool, hot-tub, sun-deck, fitness center and study lounge. Parking your vehicle in the 309 parking garage adds a cost of only $780 per year-long lease, roughly $300 less than Green Street Towers. These costs may sound appealing, but are you willing to add the extra 10-15 minute walk to the Main Quad into your morning class routine?

Both Green Street Towers and 309 are safe, fully furnished and newly renovated apartment options. Now it’s time to answer the million dollar question. Which is best for you?

Kyra is a sophomore in Media