Gifts to make for Moms Weekend


By Melissa Wagner, Staff Writer

From macaroni necklaces to finger-painted masterpieces, moms will hold on to gifts made by their kids until they inevitably fall apart years (or days) later. As kids grow older, the homemade gifts become more rare, even though their artistic capabilities have likely grown exponentially. This Moms Weekend, swap out the Elmer’s Glue and popsicle sticks for some power tools and two-by-fours, and make something for mom that will stand the test of time.

Wine rack

There are very few supplies needed to construct a wine rack. For a bare-boned rustic look, use some reclaimed wood, a wood-cutting saw and a couple of nails. For a more sleek and modern rack, bring out the sandpaper and wood varnish. One of the nice things about making a custom wine rack is that one can decide how many bottles it will fit. Whether mom hosts parties a few times a month or drinks only on special occasions, the rack will prove very useful.

The rack can be decorated with ornamental knobs and pre-cut letters, or can be left as is. The rack should complement the decorations and furnishings of her home and mimic them, so that she will know how much thought was put into making her gift.

Spa kit

For this year’s Moms Weekend, bring the spa to her. Bath bombs, candles and sugar scrubs are all easy to make and customize. The handmade cosmetics retailer Lush can offer some inspiration for ingredients. Flower petals and essential oils make for great-smelling additions. Baskets can also be tailored to specific treatments like manicures, pedicures, facials or bath time.

Baskets can be embellished with artificial or real flowers, watercolor paint strokes, family pictures or ribbons and bows. The gift can also be made more practical by placing the homemade items in an antique chest or jewelry box that can be found at a thrift store.

Cornhole board and bags

Cornhole is the perfect game for family events when the weather cooperates (this is the Midwest, after all). Pre-constructed boards cost upwards of $150, but the supplies shouldn’t cost more than $50, and that includes the paint for decorating. After constructing the boards and making the bags, paint your family crest on the boards if you have one. In the more likely case that you don’t have one, mom’s favorite sports team logo will suffice. Use a stencil for more intricate designs.

For some friendly competition, this gift can be used this weekend before heading to the bars. It also serves as a nice activity for moms who are not into drinking.

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