Moms Weekend is more than just a visit


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Mary Dehaan (left), with her daughter Stephanie Dehaan, (right). Multiple events on campus are provided for families visiting on Moms Weekend, including fraternity events and activities at the Illini Union.

By Brooks Berish, Assistant supplements editor

Last year, I didn’t think it was necessary or particularly fair for my mom to make the trek all the way down to the University just to see me. I wasn’t sure if there would be enough for her to do on campus, and I had just seen everyone two weeks before during spring break. I now realize that Moms Weekend does have a lot to offer and doesn’t have to be just another ordinary visit.

This year, I actually have some options for my mom so that she doesn’t get bored here, which is something that tends to happen when my parents visit. They come, have some food with me and then leave. I usually wouldn’t expect them to stay any longer, but for Moms Weekend, there should be something more.

My mom attended college back in the day and was also involved in Greek life. I am in a fraternity, and I think it would be cool to show her the house and to perhaps engage in some of the traditional festivities that this school is known for. My greek house, and many other fraternities and sororities alike, will be hosting for Moms Weekend activities.

In addition to the lunch that will be provided for all of the moms at my fraternity, everyone can participate in some friendly games to get to know each other and the house better. This will include a newlywed’s type of game show, some simple meet-and-greet welcoming activities and a basket auction. The money from the basket auction will be donated to charity. Of course, the moms don’t have to stay the whole time, but my mom has to because I am on the committee running the event.

I think giving my mom a chance to see the house and the friends I hang out with will give her a better idea of my life at school. I have a feeling she will enjoy it since she has not visited a fraternity house since her college years.

After we leave the house, if it’s a nice day, we may take a stroll through the Main Quad and then eventually find someplace to eat. I could take her to a restaurant around Green Street for dinner, but this is a good opportunity to get off campus for a nicer meal.

If my mom wants to, I can try to show her a glimpse of the bar scene on campus. My roommate brought his mom to Red Lion last year, and he said it was a unique experience. I’m probably not going to push it though because I am not entirely comfortable with taking my mom out to the bars. However, if some of the people from the fraternity want to go out with their moms, it could be the makings of a good time.

I figure that I am only going to be at this school for another couple years so I might as well bring my mom down for a traditional Moms Weekend visit. There is also no rule that says only your mom can come for that weekend. My dad will probably be coming down as well. Hopefully, they will find a way to bring my dog down because for some reason, there still isn’t an official Pets Weekend.

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