How to make a college scrapbook


By Melissa Wagner, Staff Writer

Hoarders rejoice — scrapbooks are fun to make and serve as a great way to remember college years long past graduation. Whether it’s five pages long or the size of a dictionary, scrapbooks are superb at preserving memories for their makers, their future children and even their future grandchildren. A scrapbook, if constructed with care, can be a microcosm of a student’s entire college experience.

Bar memorabilia

For students who maybe spent more time hitting the bars than the books, consider dedicating a page or two to the Illini party scene.

Some students save their bar wristbands from the night of their 21st birthday and others have corkboards covered in the flashy neon strips.

Depending on how many are at hand, a scrapbook page can even be woven out of the bands. More bar-themed memorabilia can include a picture with the Alma mural outside of KAMs. Bonus points for pictures in your cap and gown. Another proud addition could be a punch card from Legends’ “Ride the Rail” challenge.

Food memorabilia

No Illini scrapbook is complete without a nod to some of the greatest restaurants ever opened in a college town. Possibilities include pictures from a fancy dinner at Bacaro or Miga, and maybe even a menu from Papa D’s, if pride isn’t an issue. Champaign-Urbana is also home to some of the best Asian food in Central Illinois, so save those chopstick wrappers, too.

Foodies can also add pictures of their favorite dishes, even if they’re taken from Instagram or Yelp.

Maybe it’s a pulled pork sandwich with a sauce from the critically-acclaimed Black Dog Smoke & Ale House or maybe a hearty bowl of ramen and a flaming roll of sushi from Sakanaya.

Music memorabilia

Part of the Urbana music scene? Been to a couple house shows? Pictures from these events will serve as great additions.

Soon-to-be grads who have called Canopy Club or The Accord their second homes can devote more than a page to their music obsessions. Scrapbook items can include posters that once lined their walls, ticket stubs and pictures of their favorite artist just inches away.

Show flyers, confetti, backstage passes — the possibilities are endless.

University memorabilia

In the end, most students’ time at school was probably spent in class.

Class memorabilia can include pamphlets from Quad Day, four-year plans from the advising office covered with scribbles and white-out, and of course, the coveted I-Card.

For students who want to keep in touch with their favorite professors, they can either take their pictures and paste them next to their contact info, or ask for a business card. Don’t forget to jot down favorite memories and classes.

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