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When you’re having trouble with your mental health, McKinley Health Center is a crucial resource.

By Jessica Bursztynsky, News editor

Whether it’s your first time living away from home or not, there’s something about the University system that adds a bit of pressure to life.

And in times of stress, there’s always someone on campus who is willing (and usually trained) to help.


So you’re having troubles with a roommate or a landlord. Well, my friend, that is sadly a super common complaint.

If you’re living in the dorms and your roommate trouble stems from miscommunication, try and approach them kindly and with understanding. Start the sentence with “I feel…” and go from there.

Maybe they didn’t realize that having friends over every night to play Mario Kart was an issue. How could they know, if you didn’t bring it up?

If the problem is a bit bigger than yourself, that’s okay too. That’s what your resident advisers are for. Conveniently located just down the hallway, knock on their door.

Maybe you just need to rant. Or maybe they’ll notice a serious issue and provide you with some help.

If you’re living in an apartment and your problem arises from a landlord, contact the University’s Tenant Union immediately.

The trained staff can help you in almost any housing situation you find yourself in. Just make sure to schedule an appointment at (217) 333-0112.

…mental health

No matter how much you’ve prepared, being put into a new place is going to be stressful at times.

Maybe you didn’t make friends on the Main Quad right away like in the movies, or a professor is expecting a lot from you, or maybe you just really aren’t happy.

First off, all of these things are normal, and people are there to help you.

The Counseling Center is genuinely one of the best resources the University can provide.

Included with your student fees, the center is there for you when you need short term counseling, referrals to longer term counseling or even small groups where you’ll realize you’re not alone.

To see a counselor, you need to make an appointment as early as possible. And by that, I mean call them right at 7:55 a.m.

They work on a “same day” basis, so they won’t see you for an initial appointment unless you can meet later that day. If you have a busy schedule, try and realize that your mental health is a priority and move some things around. It’s worth it.

After the initial appointment, if needed, you’ll just schedule weekly or bi-weekly appointments with your counselor.

Give the Counseling Center a call at (217) 333-3704. You might be surprised at how helpful their services are.

…a class

So maybe your class is a bit more difficult than expected. Or maybe a certain topic or chapter is just not clicking. Thankfully, your professor is usually more than willing to help you.

Find your professor’s email on the syllabus they provided on the first day of class, note their office hours and contact them to set up an appointment.

Not only will your professor notice and appreciate your action, but you’ll end up with a grasp of a new topic, and maybe they’ll even give you some tips for the next exam.

If it’s a large lecture, such as 500 students, you’re more than likely to have a teacher’s assistant.

Your TA’s information will be provided on the syllabus as well, or just grab them after class and set something up. They’ll have office hours too.

It may be helpful to have a TA to go over the information with you since they were learning it all at one point too.

Jessica is a junior in Media
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