Five ways to be a good neighbor

By Typer Panlilio, Assistant Opinions Editor

Neighbors might not be one of the biggest parts about college — until it’s 1 a.m. on a Friday morning and your neighbor is blasting music. Rude neighbors are a handful to deal with, but it all could be avoided if there’s some communication. Here are five ways to be a good neighbor.

Don’t stomp

This is the most straightforward thing to avoid, yet most students who do it have never thought otherwise. If you live above someone, you might be unaware that your footsteps sound like falling cinder blocks to the person below. Just don’t stomp. This is especially important when it’s late at night and you need to venture out of your room, or when it’s early in the morning and you’re getting ready.

Stay on the same page

Make an effort to communicate with neighbors if something noisy is happening at your apartment. There’s nothing wrong with throwing a banger the weekend after midterms, but some people prefer to relax instead. Letting your neighbors know it’s probably going to get loud is basic common courtesy, and inviting them is even better. And it’s not just for parties; the same should be done for anything else that might be of concern.

Be friendly

It’s always nice to have friendly faces, especially when it comes down to whoever lives next door. Of course, this isn’t to say everyone should be best friends with their neighbors. But being friendly and welcoming, even if it’s as simple as a polite smile and a wave, can go a long way. Everyone likes to be treated nicely, so why not include your neighbors?

Respect their parking spot

If one of your neighbors has a parking spot, don’t assume you can use it, even if you’re both on good terms. And if they’re not using it at the moment, try to avoid having your parents, friends or even yourself park in their spot. If it comes down to it, definitely ask them beforehand. If they aren’t responding, let them know you absolutely needed it in a pinch. No one likes to be left in the dark when it comes to someone else using what’s theirs.

Keep it clean

It’s easy to forget cleaning up after yourself also applies outside of your apartment. For those who have rec rooms or computer labs, remember other people might need to use these facilities too. Making sure to clean up after yourself when leaving is a good thing to keep in mind. And for those who throw ragers, remember it can get wild. After the party, make sure to check if there’s any trash below your balcony or outside the front door.

Tyler is a sophomore in Media.

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