Easy, fun classes to take at the University

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Easy, fun classes to take at the University

By Cindy Om, Design Editor

College is hard. I get it. You want to have fun and get good grades. I have compiled a list of easy, fun classes for you that I enjoyed, so you don’t have to stress! Some of these classes count toward two gen-eds; some only count for one. I recommend taking classes that double dip. It will save you some time and money.

Here is my list of easy, fun classes:

KIN 104: Skating activities:

  • One credit
  • Learn how to ice skate or just ice skate for an hour. You learn different techniques and play fun games. There is even a performance at the end, where you get to incorporate all the things you learned (or tried to learn). Class assignments include short readings and quizzes to go with the readings.

EPSY 203: Social Issues Group Dialogues:

  • One credit
  • The class is composed of multiple sections that focuses on social issues like exploring sexual identities, being white in a multi-cultural society, race/ethnicity and more. You get to pick the section you find most interesting. The class is focused on group discussion, and you get to hear about people’s experiences. Class assignments include self reflection on what we discussed during class.

ANTH 103: Anthro in a Changing World:

  • Three credits
  • Satisfies two gen-eds: Cultural Studies- Non-West and Social & Behavioral Science- Social Science
  • The class gives you a lens into past and present societies, like global empires, colonial states and their cultures and how they developed. You also learn about the impacts of technology and globalization. Class assignments include two essays.

HIST 104: Black Music:

  • Three credit hours
  • Satisfies two gen-eds: Cultural Studies- Non-West and Humanities- History & Philosophy
  • What is black music? The class will make you question your understanding of what it is. By the end of the class, you will have either redefined your definition or come up with one. The class focuses mainly on music in the U.S. and Latin America, but it touches on other parts of the world. The discussions and assignments are very interactive. I wrote an album review for Beyonce’s “Lemonade,” Gilberto Gil’s “Refazenda,”and Public Enemy’s “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.”

MACS 101: Intro to the Media:

  • Three credit hours
  • Satisfies the Advanced Composition requirement
  • The class is about the importance of communication and the role of the media. The class gives you a history lesson on the media and specific mediums. You explore contemporary issues through readings and documentaries and write about how the media affects everyday life.

Cindy is a senior in Media.

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