UI’s best kept secrets



The Japan House is celebrating the 20th anniversary at its permanent location with live performances and a Japanese temple festival.

By Camille Baer, Features Editor

The University’s campus has plenty to offer, from state-of-the-art research facilities to concerts at The Canopy Club and everything in between. When classes and social life become overwhelming, there are several alternatives to provide a change of pace while at school.

Krannert Art Museum

For any art enthusiast, the Krannert Art Museum tucked neatly in the west end of campus at 500 E. Peabody Drive, is an excellent option for those who enjoy a relaxing afternoon admiring art at the second largest fine arts museum in Illinois. Grab a coffee at the cafe on your way to observing the unique exhibits the museum offers throughout the year. The extensive range of art provided at KAM also fits the distinctive tastes of each museum-goer. In terms of architecture alone, the Kinkead Pavilion entrance is quite breathtaking, along with the surrounding flowers and foliage; it’ll be hard to remember that test coming up in a week.

Japan House Gardens

Designed by Jim Bier, these Japanese gardens offer a beautiful, serene escape from a busy Green Street and bustling campus. The symmetrical simplicity of the gardens provides a soothing atmosphere when finals and homework become a bit too much. In total, there are three gardens that surround the Japan House: the Tea Garden, the Dry Garden and the Sen Cherry Tree Allée. The significance of each garden represents a rich history that proves to stand the test of time. The Dry Garden, or better known as a Zen Garden, was built to represent philosophical ideas that allow the mind to think clearly upon visiting. How’s that for a study break?

University of Illinois Horse Farm

Now, this location is one that certainly fits the University’s reputation of cornfields and all. However, adjacent to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital resides a horse farm, the Dairy Cattle Research Unit and several other animals. (Horses, cows and sheep, oh my!) This noteworthy attraction brings out the country on-campus with a romantically rural twist. For a school with such a large undergraduate population, the therapeutic presence of animals serves as an escape from pressing priorities. A 20-minute walk from the Main Quad, there’s a large fenced-in area holding around a dozen horses that gallop freely. Traveling a bit further past the horse farm and there are over a 100 cows feeding on hay and grazing in a field. Although the smell is a bit pungent, to say the least, enjoy getting away from responsibilities and people for that matter.

Camille is a junior in Media.

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