Home decor do’s and don’ts


By Serina Taluja, Assistant Special Sections Editor

Whether you’re a DIY-queen, Pinterest-frequenter or someone who’s completely clueless in the decor realm, the conditions of your personal space can seriously affect your state of mind. As a college student, it’s especially important to make the best home away from home.

Living in a place you feel is clean and organized can promote higher levels of productivity and lower levels of anxiety, so take some time to learn a few pointers to make your room the ultimate escape from the hectic schedule of a college student.

Color me calm

Pick a color scheme and stick to it. Lots of colors mixed together in one room, especially a smaller room, can seem inviting, but it actually creates a lot of visual chaos. To avoid overwhelming your brain as you sit down at your desk to do homework or as you’re lying in bed trying to fall asleep, pick two to three colors that you love and surround yourself with them alone.

With this in mind, avoid covering your walls in dark colors. This especially applies to small spaces. While white walls can feel unnervingly sterile, walls covered in very dark tones can make small spaces feel even smaller. A dark tone as part of a color scheme with lighter colors can look great, or if you have a big decoration piece that is dark, lighten it up by putting it near a lamp or under some twinkle lights.

Light it up

Make sure the lighting in your space is both comfortable and functional. We’ve all dealt with the discomfort inflicted by flickering fluorescent lights and the uneasiness that radiates from dim yellow overhead bulbs. Avoid these headache inducers and replace them with lamps or soft twinkling lights.

Display in the best way

Don’t get cheap with the type of hanging adhesives you buy. 3M products are expensive, but they’re expensive for a reason. They’ll keep your posters, tapestries and lights where they should be for an entire school year or longer.

There are other great options out there aside from 3M, but just make sure the adhesives you choose will keep all your decorations on the walls and not on the floor. Trust me, coming home to find your posters and lights on the floor that you spent an hour putting up is really irritating.

Lay it out

When you decide you’re ready to do some revamping to your personal space, try to plan it out before you move anything. Think about functionality and simplicity. If you frequently do homework in your bed, place your lamp within reach.

If you follow these simple tips and tricks, you might just create the best space for you, for both working and relaxing. No matter how big or small your dorm, apartment or house is, hopefully these ideas help you make the most of the space you call home.

Serina is a senior in LAS.

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