Explore meanings behind flowers at annual show

By Serina Taluja, Staff Writer

The Moms Weekend Flower Show is celebrating its 64th year as a signature Moms Weekend event. If you have not checked it out in previous years, be sure to get to the Stock Pavilion on Saturday, April 6 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. The show can give you the opportunity to see all the hard work the University’s Horticulture Club puts into this event.

Whether you decide to go to the flower show to check out the displays, entertain your mom or to find a bouquet for a special someone, it can be helpful to go with a little background about what you will be looking at. If you are interested in giving a plant or flower arrangement as a gift, or if you just want to show off some cool flower knowledge to your mom, here are some examples of flowers you will see at the show this year, as well as their meanings.


Carnations have a long history of  different meanings, with variation among the tons of different colors to chose from. The classic light pink variety were said to have bloomed on the earth for the first time from the Virgin Mary’s tears. While this may not have any serious historical backing, the lore surrounding the flower is what made pink carnations a Mother’s Day staple. This led to pink carnations being synonymous as the ultimate symbol of a mother’s undying love for her children.

Some other interesting meanings for carnations include the deep red color, symbolizing a serious affection towards someone or something, and a light red as a symbol of admiration.


Everyone knows roses are the ultimate flower of romance. Red roses are typical Valentine’s and Mother’s Day gifts, and their reputation for love often precedes them. However, there are lots of other colors of roses with different interpretations that come with them as well!

For instance, yellow roses are a symbol of strong friendship rather than of a romantic love. Pink roses are meant to portray gratitude, so they often accompany things such as thank you notes. White roses are seen at graduations and baptisms since they are known to symbolize purity. Finally, lavender roses actually have a specific meaning: “love at first sight.”

Stargazer lilies

Stargazer lilies are very unique hybrids and only recently joined the lily family in the last century. They are known for their vibrant pink and white petals. They are even more well known for their room-filling, distinct scent. Often, you’ll be able to smell these flowers before you can even see them!

Stargazer lilies are very dramatic and bold, both in the scent and visual senses. This causes them to be known as a wonderful symbol of youth and vitality. The whiter varieties of lilies tend to symbolize purity as well, and the ones that feature a stronger pink are often used  to portray wealth or prosperity.


Tulips have been described as a “comfort flower” because while they come in a variety of colors and variegated patterns. They have a consistent shape that is pleasing to the eye. The aesthetic pleasure that comes from the shape of these pretty spring perennials has earned them their second meaning: “perfect love.”

This perfect love association stems from the near-perfect symmetry in the blooms of these flowers. While the red tulips are most associated with love, the other colors carry other love-like meanings, such as yellow being used to portray hopeful thoughts and cheeriness, while purple ones are used to symbolize importance and royalty.

Serina is a senior in LAS.

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