Students share favorite mom memories

By Sonal Singh, Staff Writer

For most of us, our moms are our first friends, teachers and role models. To many, they are still all of these things and more. Our youngest memories revolve around them, and some of our fondest moments happened with them. To celebrate Moms Weekend this year, students reflected on some of the best times they have had with their mothers.

Rachna Kavuru, sophomore in LAS, described her mom in one word: selfless. When asked about her favorite memory, she wanted to talk about how much the support from her mom meant and how great it was to always have someone to fall back on.

“My favorite memory would be from back in middle school when my family moved to India,” she said. “I had a hard time getting used to things and fitting in, but my mom stood by my side and helped me adjust to the new lifestyle. She would stay up late to help me study so I could catch up in school (and) she would help me make new friends and would be there when I felt alone. I realize that while she was helping me adjust, she was also trying to adjust to her new life, too. That’s when I realized how amazing my mom really is.”

Maria Sajan, freshman in Engineering, reminisced about how the small things are what matter to her the most.

“My mom is constantly laughing and finding joy in life.” “She taught me how to read,” Sajan said, recalling some of her best memories. “We would go to the library every week and pick out stacks of books. We would make up stories together and draw them out. “My mom and I would always bake cookies together while my siblings were at school.” “It was always so much fun! We still do every time I go back home for break.”

Jill Patel, freshman in LAS,  emphasized how much fun it is to just spend time with her mother. She said going to the park and playing random games and just spending time together is something she and her mom love to do.

Madison Boyce, freshman in LAS, spoke about how much recurring traditions mean to her and her family.

“A short while after my parents got divorced, my mom, sister and I were trying out new traditions,” Boyce said in reference to her favorite memory. “The one that stuck with us the most is how, every Tuesday, we would order in Chinese food and just sit on the floor together, eating while watching TV.”

Most of us have great memories of our moms, whether they were just always there to support us or if we only saw them once in a while. This Moms Weekend is a great time for everyone to reach out to your mom and tell them how grateful you are for everything she has done, and how she has helped you become the person you are today.

Sonal is a freshman in Business.

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