Survive Quad Day stress


Kenyon Edmond

A student shakes the hand of a representative of the Illini Rugby on Quad Day Aug. 26. Participating in these events takes preparation. Consider the head, the crowds and the multitude of opportunities thrown your direction.

By Hannah Preston, Copy chief

For those of you who have attended a Quad Day at the University, you have an idea of the kind of misery to be had at this highly anticipated, useful and stressful event. Thousands and thousands of students — new faces and seasoned upperclassmen alike — crowd the sidewalks of the Main Quad, fighting for the chance to sign up for anything they may be remotely interested in pursuing in college. Sign-up sheets are filled with emails and bags are filled with freebies, but you’re also drowning in your own sweat, burning in the August afternoon sun and dying of thirst from the moment you step food on the grass. If you want to go hard on Quad Day, use these tricks to make the most of your time there.

Coordinate with your team before you leave

This event is one of the most attended events at the University each year, and like the hundreds of organizations, vendors and programs that prepared for this day, you should set your plans straight. Figure out who you’re going with, and look at the Quad Day map together. Locate the areas you know you’re interested in hitting, like volunteering or Greek life, and decide on a game plan to make sure you don’t accidentally bypass something crucial to your college plan.

Prepare for the weather

Another important aspect of preparing is making sure you dress appropriately for the weather. Most likely, it will be hot and humid — even more so on the Main Quad when it’s packed with people — so throw on light, airy clothes that won’t suffocate you. Apply sunblock before you leave; you’d be surprised how quickly you can sunburn while browsing. Also, grab your water bottle before you leave and fill it with ice-cold water to keep you cool while walking. Many booths will offer you refreshments, but it’s better to be prepared especially if you’re late getting there in the first place.

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    Be proactive about your interests

    Quad Day is, first and foremost, a chance to get involved in the different things the University has to offer, and while getting to the tables may be tiring and stressful, taking the time to thoroughly look at what the people at each booth have to offer may pay off immensely. Take the time to seek out the things you’re interested in because this day only comes around once a year.

    Sign up for everything you can even remotely see yourself enjoying; the unsubscribe button is there if you decide you aren’t into it. If someone hands you a flyer you aren’t interested in, accept it and recycle it later. Don’t let the lack of freebies — and likely, the lack of a crowd — scare you away from chatting with club members about the activities the club partakes in because those are often the best opportunities to get the best picture of what a club is all about. Be open, and be interested in what people have to say. You never know what you might find.

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