Do not forget to pack these items


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A dorm room sits in the Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Hall on Oct. 4, 2017.

By JJ Kim, Editor-in-Chief

Moving into a dormitory for the first time is the one thing on many freshmen’s list of “stressful yet exciting things to do” in their young lives. When compiling the things you need to bring to school, be sure to not forget these overlooked items. 

Cleaning Supplies

Sure, things like paper towels, disinfectant wipes and tissues seem obvious, but it’s important not to forget items such as a sponge, vacuum and some sort of mop. 

Sponges are versatile and allow you to clean your dishes (which you should bring at least one or two of), or get rid of any mysterious stains on your desk and clothing you might have. They’re simple to clean: Just put your sponge in the microwave with a little water on it and then heat it on high for one to two minutes. 

A vacuum cleaner is also imperative to have in a dormitory; after all, you will be leaving crumbs and pieces of food behind after a late-night snacking session. The last thing you want in your room are ants and cockroaches, which do not make fun roommates. There are plenty of lightweight and portable vacuum cleaners for cheap that really make the dorm clean and take up little space in your closet. 

Let’s face it: At some point during the year you are going to spill a drink or something worse on your floor. Instead of wasting an entire paper towel roll, get a mop, or if you’re willing to spend a little extra on luxury and portability, a Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mopping Cloth is a simple and hassle-free way of cleaning up a mess. 


If for some reason your clothes magically get wrinkled like mine, and you have an important interview coming up, you’re going to want to look your best. Buying a portable garment steamer has been a lifesaver for me on several occasions. All you have to do is fill the steamer with water, let it heat up and then proceed to steam your clothes to get rid of any wrinkles. On the plus side, afterwards, your clothes will be warm from the steam and it’ll feel like you just took them out of the dryer. 

Consider bringing a shoe rack that hangs off of a door. This way, your closet doubles as your shoe rack without having to compromise extra space. Especially while living in an area that has a wide variety of weather, it’s important to be able to store proper footwear in your dorm without having to sacrifice precious space. 

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