What do you admire most about your dad?


Photo courtetsy of Delanie Stein

Delanie Steinweg (center left) comes from an Illini family. Her father, Ed (right), is a University alumnus, as well as her two brothers.

By Holiday Tang, Staff writer

“I think what I admire most about my dad is the fact that he puts in a lot of work that makes our family able to sustain itself. And he is an incredibly knowledgeable person. If you go to him, you will always get an answer no matter what your question is.”

-Mark Jette, freshman in Engineering


“He always tells me to go after my dreams, and he works really hard so that I can come to UIUC to chase my dream.”

-Michelle Delgado, junior in Business


“He is such an important part of how I was raised from my birth until now and has influenced me heavily. He has been hard on me at times and I didn’t always understand why when I was young. And now that I’ve grown up and graduated college, hopefully someday I am going to have my own child and I can instill the lessons he taught me onto my own children.”

-Patrick Crowling, Business alumnus, 2015


“I admire my dad, for he is a liberal man and he gives me a lot of freedom to choose what I want. If I want to do anything, he always encourage me to do it if that is something that I really want. He is also a positive guy and always says things that are interesting.”

Hsiao Fan (Fanny) Huang, Masters student in business


“I admire my father that he come from a very humble background and he worked very hard to be who he is today, to achieve a lot of success in business as a real estate developer.”

Mrinaal Mittal, sophomore in Engineering


“I really admire my dad for caring for my feelings. We used to watch scary movies together, during the movies he will try to cheer me up to keep me from being scared. It is like a father trying to protect his daughter.”

Camille Travis, senior in AHS

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