First-time voters share their experience at the polls


Jacob Slabosz

Voters wait in line outside of the ARC to cast their votes on Nov. 8.

By Marta Narag, Staff Writer

This midterm election, many voters of various ages came out to the polls for the first time. Voters noted a smooth and easy voting experience with fairly short waits in line.

“It was my first time voting, and it was like a pretty good experience, pretty streamlined and not too difficult,” said Sean Guno, freshman in Engineering. “I hadn’t registered before yet, but it was pretty simple to register while I was there.”

Ali Brandvold, senior in AHS, said the environment was much more efficient than she expected. 

Besides the pleasant environment, student voters said there was strong support from the University. 

“It was really nice that the campus was having like a huge initiative to have people go out to vote. I guess I really appreciate that because it definitely pushed me to go out and vote,” said Shreya Gustafson, freshman in Engineering. 

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    Gustafson continued to say she might not have voted without the added initiative of the University.

    According to an article by the Pew Research Center, around a third of eligible voters don’t vote during election season.

    “I feel like it’s really important to vote, especially when you’re young, because this is the first time your voice has ever been represented, so you want to take that opportunity,” said Meghan Flannery, freshman in LAS. 


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